1 to 1 Replacement Warranty

What is 1 to 1 Replacement?


Imagine you are building your awesome project and its almost complete. You need this project for an important presentation and the deadline is in 2 weeks. You just need a few extra parts and its done. You bought and received all the parts you need the next day. You excitedly test all the parts, and..... "Oh My God!" one of the critical part is not working! You know that the warranty will take time and you don't have the budget to buy a new one. You start to worry.....



Typically, you will worry that the item you receive is not working. If this happens, you will have to send it back to claim for warranty (some may not even have any warranty). This is troublesome and time consuming, especially when you need it urgently. 


Not anymore, introducing Cytron's 1 to 1 Replacement


We will replace a brand new product and ship it to you for free! If you receive a defective product, contact us via email  ( support@cytron.io ) or fill up the form here within 7 days from the day you receive it, we will replace it for you.


Is this true? 



Yes, you are not dreaming.    


Our priority is to make sure you can focus on building your project and leave the rest to us. We have tested most of our products but still some may slip and get into your hands. That's why we are providing you with  1 to 1 Replacement Warranty to make sure that you do not have to worry about defective products.





How Does 1 to 1 Replacement work?
Which Product Is Eligible?
  • 1 to 1 Replacement Warranty is available for all products purchased from our online marketplace, www.cytron.io only.
  • The product must be for personal or corporate usage and not for resell purposes.
  • All purchases from distributors will follow standard warranty.
What Is The Coverage?
  • All product will have a normal warranty as stated in our FAQs under "How do I claim for warranty"
  • The 1 to 1 Replacement Warranty is valid for seven (7) Days from the date of receiving of the product.
  • This 1 to 1 Replacement Warranty provides for the replacement of the product purchased by you if found to be defective during the term of seven (7) Days from the date of receive. When the product failure occurs due to a manufacturing defect, you will receive a brand new replacement product that is tested before we send it back to you. Once the product has been replaced, the 1 to 1 Replacement Warranty will automatically terminate.
  • Once you receive your products, you are responsible to test the product As Soon As Possible for the 1 to 1 Replacement Warranty claim.
How To Claim For Replacement?
  • Refer to the users manual or the manufacturer’s instructions to determine if the failure to operate is due to circumstances that may be corrected by yourself. Sometimes it may just need some extra tweaking on the settings or connections to make it work. Please contact us at support@cytron.io if you need any assistance.
  • Send us some videos or photos of how you operate and test the product where the failure or defective must be clearly visible. This is to prove that the product is indeed defective or if there is anything we can asist to make it work. 
  • You must immediately contact us via email  ( support@cytron.io ) or fill up the form here within the Replacement Warranty coverage period.
  • For all replacements, Cytron Invoice/Receipt for the product must be presented.
  • For certain cases, you may have to send the product back to us for verification purposes. We will directly replace a new product once we receive your product. We will refund the shipping fee to you, you will just need to email us the photo of the slip showing the price and provide us your bank details. 
  • If the failure is not covered by this 1 to 1 Replacement Warranty or if the product is found to be non-defective, the product will be returned to you.
  • Terms & condition may be editted withour prior notice to improve our service. 
What Is NOT Covered Under This Warranty?
  • Any cost or damage associated with mishandling, routine maintenance, inspection, cleaning, lubrication, external adjustments, and any other instructions.
  • Non-operating and cosmetic items, paint, color, or Product finish.
  • Unauthorized modifications made to the Product; failure to follow users manual instructions on installation, bad soldering, operation or maintenance; repairs performed by non-authorized repairer; any items not affecting the function of the Products; image burn.
  • Software (including an operating system and any stored data), defects resulting directly from software installation and or removal, computer virus, virus prevention, and other peripherals.
  • Repairs to hardware that has been added after the original purchase of the Product.
  • All batteries (including regular (non-chargeable batteries)) External faults such as wiring, electrical connection or plumbing, piping, fitting, realigning of signal receivers (poor reception), and consequential loss of any kind.
  • Repairs necessitated by accidental or intentional physical damage including spilled liquid, Corrosion, misuse, neglect, and abuse.
  • The failure caused by a voltage converter and /or applying an incorrect voltage or power to the Product.
  • Diagnosis where no defect has been found or noted.
  • Shipping charges and damage, express service charges, transportation damage, removal, installation or reinstallation of the Product.
  • Commercial use (multi-user organizations), public rental, use for profit or communal use for multi-family housing.
  • Any loss or damage to the Product resulting from fire or flood, howsoever caused.
  • Any loss or damage to the Product resulting from an act of God (including without limitation, events such as earthquake, war, invasion, act of foreign enemy, hostilities or warlike operations, civil war, civil commotion).