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Silicon Case for micro:bit V2 - Pick Your Color

This new micro:bit cute silicone case is compatible with the micro:bit V2 board. All holes are specially designed for the 2nd-generation micro:bit board, which does n..

$3.13 Ex Tax: $3.13

Tiny:bit smart robot car for micro:bit Kits

Note: There are three options of Tiny:bit Kits to choose from:Tiny:bit Kit WITH micro:bit V2 Go Bundle (a micro:bit V2.0 board, a USB micro B cable, 2xAAA battery,..

$32.50++ Ex Tax: $32.50

micro:bit Basic Game Handle

 Note: This micro:bit Game Handle board works with both micro:bit V1 and micro:bit V2.  This board is small and easy to carry. The joy..

$18.75 Ex Tax: $18.75

Acrylic Case Holder for RPi Camera Module

This is a Pi camera bracket that comes in handy accessory for the Raspberry Pi Camere module. It comes with plastic/acrylic bracket and 4 mini screws + 4 hex nuts.  ..

$3.63 Ex Tax: $3.63

Omni:bit smart robot car with Mecanum Wheel (without micro:bit)

This Omni-directional mobile smart car is made up of 146 blocks, 4 building blocks motors and 4 Omni-directional wheels. With the Super:bit expansion board with power..

$87.50 Ex Tax: $87.50

Spin (Ferris Wheel) Building Block (w/o micro:bit)

Spin:bit building block kit contains 265 blocks and a building block motor that can be built into the shape of a Ferris wheel. It supports Android/iOS mobile phone Blueto..

$57.50 Ex Tax: $57.50

Acrylic Case with Cooling Fan for Jetson Nano 4GB(A02/B01) and 2GB -7%

Acrylic Case with Cooling Fan for Jetson Nano 4GB(A02/B01) and 2GB

Note: From 21st onwards, this case is upgraded with extra mounting holes for two cameras module (sold separately) and comes with a proper assembly guide.It is always ..

$10.63 $9.88 Ex Tax: $9.88

Robot Arm Building Block (w/o micro:bit)

This Arm:bit is made up of 537 blocks and 4 durable building blocks. The user can control it to complete the 4 degrees of freedom operation and pick up the items by the A..

$87.50 Ex Tax: $87.50

RGB Cooling HAT with fan and OLED for 4B/3B+/3B

This is a Multi-function cooling expansion board designed for the Raspberry Pi board. It is compatible with the:Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 1GB RAM 2GB RAM ..

$22.25 Ex Tax: $22.25

K210 AI Developer Kit with Camera & Touch Screen

Al-Motion K210 Developer Kit is a small full-featured development board kit developed by Yahboom and Canaan. The RISC-V processor structure adopted by K210 is specially d..

$64.75 Ex Tax: $64.75

Cute Monster Silicon Case for micro:bit V1.X -5%

Cute Monster Silicon Case for micro:bit V1.X

Note: These silicone cases/covers/sleeves are compatible with micro:bit V1.3 or V1.5, NOT with the new micro:bit V2.0.Note: There are three colors to choose from:..

$3.13 $2.98 Ex Tax: $2.98

Spider:bit - Programming Building Blocks (without micro:bit)

Note: The spider:bit kit and the super:bit board works with both micro:bit V1 and micro:bit V2. This is a kit based on micro:bit controller. With the Supe..

$49.75 Ex Tax: $49.75

Raspberry Pi 4B Motion AI Camera Platform

Note: The Raspberry Pi board is NOT INCLUDED in this AI Vision kit. Please get it from here, compatible with all variations of Raspberry Pi 4 Model B. Note: T..

$111.25 Ex Tax: $111.25

Jetson NANO USB Wireless Network Card

This USB wireless network card can be used for Jetson NANO development boards and PCs. It is mainly used to receive wireless networks. It uses MIMO technology, extern..

$7.13 Ex Tax: $7.13

Acrylic Case for HQ Camera with Fan

This is an integrated bracket case independently designed by Yahboom, which supports Raspberry Pi 4B/3B+/3B. It is composed of two upper and lower acrylic plates. The upp..

$4.13 Ex Tax: $4.13

AC8265 WiFi Bluetooth NIC Module for Jetson Nano

This is AC8265 WiFi Bluetooth NIC Module for Jetson Nano with M.2 interface. It can be fixed to Jetson Nano for wireless communications offering WiFi and Bluetooth.Th..

$24.95 Ex Tax: $24.95

16 in 1 Building:bit Programmable Building Block Kits

Note: There are two options of Building:bit kits to choose from:Building:bit kit WITH micro:bit Junior (comes with micro:bit V1.5 board and a USB micro B cable) ..

$104.75++ Ex Tax: $104.75