About Us

Simplifying Digital Making

Founded in 2004, Cytron strive to provide solution for engineers, educators and students to build smart electronic & robotic projects. We believe learning digital making is through building projects. Cytron achieve this by:

  • Designing boards/modules that simplify the building process
  • Supplying reliable parts at affordable prices
  • Guiding them to choose the right parts and how to get started though digital means

We place importance in our team that understand the needs of our customer and are passionate about digital making.

Our Story

If you are a fans of “Transformers”, you will probably have notice that the name Cytron resembles the home planet of the Transformers, “Cybertron”. Yes, the name was inspired from that. We love robots and that’s the reason the founding team got together. We got together building robots to participate in ROBOCON Malaysia and eventually won the national level, which led us to form Cytron in 2004. We started off with our first product, SK40A, a PIC microcontroller starter kit which enables user to easily create their own robotic & electronic projects. Since then, we have grown from a team of 5 working from our rented house to a team of 35, with our own Surface Mount Technology (SMT) line in a large factory. With our purpose and passion, Simplifying Digital Making, we are now proud to have designed and produced over 100+ products ranging from Motor Drivers, Robot Controllers, Sensors, various kind of Shields and HATs.

In year 2014, we launched our educational robotics kit, “rero” for students. With this robotics kit, children will no longer be put off by the previously long and tedious process of building a robot from scratch and parents do not have to worry about their kids using dangerous tools.

In addition, anyone can start building a robot right away without having to learn a programming language beforehand. With rero, you can truly build your own robot today. If you would like to know more about our initiative “Bringing Robotics to the Masses” with rero, visit http://rero.io

If you would like to know more about us, you can read this article. 

Our Factory- Made In Malaysia

Cytron is based in Penang, Malaysia, “A Silicon Valley of the East” according to Channel News Asia. We are proud to design and manufacture our own products here in Penang and have a surface mount technology (SMT) line. Get behind the scene for the “Making Of” Cytron’s product.