Songle SPDT Relay SRD 05V

Songle SPDT Relay SRD 05V

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  • DC5V 10A Single Pole Double Throw Relay
  • DIP 5 pins
Hello, When will you re-stock this item, I need it urgently for my class. 40 pieces. Thanks. ( Mohd, 22/08/2016 )

Hi, for more detail you can directly email the person in charges on sale through this email: or

For further inquiry, kindly visit our technical forum as this session is only for short inquiry. Thanks.smiley?

Hi, im new to all these things. If I wan to use arduino to power up this relay and use it to control some devices, will it be possible? Arduino im using is arduino due. ( Someone, 03/12/2015 )

Hi. It is possible but you need to add extra circuit for it. For further inquiry, please visit our technical forum as this session is only for short inquiry. Thanks. :)

Hi, required 500pcs of this relay. How long to restock? ( Fairul Azizi Fauzi, 27/04/2015 )


We have some stock arrived next week. For 500pcs, Please contact

Ok. So, I supply 5V at input coil [Coil1 and Coil 2] to activate the relay and apply external source 240V at its coil output [NO,COM,NC] for controlling the load. Does this correct? ( Q&A, 19/11/2014 )

Please refer to this tutorial on how to interface with relay.

Please remember to change the 12V to 5V for this relay.

Hi, can this relay its output (NO,COM,NC) deal with 240V? Will it burn? ( Q&A, 17/11/2014 )


You can use  (NO,COM,NC) for 240V, but you must apply correct voltage to the coil.

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