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Matrix Display

Matrix Display
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4 In 1 MAX7219 Dot Matrix Display Module

Looking for easy to control LED matrix? This 4 in 1 Dot Matrix Display module should be for you. The whole module comes in four 8x8 RED common cathode dot matrix that equ..

$6.25 Ex Tax: $6.25

Matrix Display (Red)

8x8 Dot-Matrix Display Red LED Size: 60mm x 60mm Common AnodeTutorial:Interface Dot Matrix Display with SK40C and BBFuino (Arduino)   ..

$4.50 Ex Tax: $4.50

Matrix Display (Red and Green) Out Of Stock

Matrix Display (Red and Green)

Dimension: 6cmx6cm Description: LED Matrix with Red and Green LEDs. This medium matrix has 64 Red/Green LEDs built into one common anode housing.Tutorial: In..

$5.63 Ex Tax: $5.63