Push Button Panel Mount 12MM with Wire (20cm)

Push Button Panel Mount 12MM with Wire (20cm)

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OK, this item is pretty simple yet practical - it's a panel mount pushbutton with red button on top, no LEDs, no bells & whistles. But there is 20 cm long of jumper wire in Black and Red to ease the connection or interface to controller of your choice. The wires are terminated with male header which fits perfectly into the Arduino UNO side female header. We really like it, look at that lovely rounded shape, that elegant bevel. If you're going to go with a momentary pushbutton, let it be this one!

The button is a normally-open micro-switch. When pressed, the contacts short closed and completes the circuit :) The diameter of the body is 12.5mm so if you want to poke a hole for mounting it, make sure the hole size fits it. No screw needed for mounting, just press and fit into the hole.


  • Normally Open Momentary Push Button
  • Red Button
  • Press Fit type
  • Rated voltage: 24VDC
  • Rated current: 2A continuous
  • Total height: 30mm
  • Body diameter: 12.5mm
  • Pre-soldered with 20 cm jumper wire terminated with male header pin

Packing List:

  • 1 x Push Button (Red) Panel Mount with Wire-20cm

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