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USB Cable
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USB Micro B Cable Best Seller

USB Micro B Cable

Searching for suitable USB cable to connect to Cytron UNO, Maker UNO, NodeMCU, micro:bit or Raspberry Pi Zero? Yup, you can get it here.This is USB 2.0 type A to micr..

$1.00 Ex Tax: $1.00

USB B Type Cable

This is a standard USB 2.0 cable. This is the most common A to B Male-Male type peripheral cable, the kind that's usually used for printers. Compatible with most SFE desi..

$0.80 Ex Tax: $0.80

USB MiniB Cable (2.0)

This is a USB 2.0 type A to Mini-B cable, the most common mini-B connector that usually comes with USB Hubs, Cameras, MP3 players, etc. Use this with SMD Mini-B connecto..

$0.88 Ex Tax: $0.88

USB C to Type A Cable (1 Meter)

USB-C is fantastic. What makes this cable even better is that one of the features we love so much about USB-C has been replicated to the USB-A 2.0 plug! USB-C has a minor..

$2.00 Ex Tax: $2.00

USB A to Micro USB with On/Off Switch CAN'T STOP CLICKING THIS ON-OFF SWITCH! It has such a satisfying click and it works so well.  Plus, it's just about perfect..

$2.50 Ex Tax: $2.50

USB 5V Boost to 12V 2.1mm DC Barrel

Need cable that can boost voltage from 5V(USB) to 12V and power up your device? Then this USB 5V Boost to 12V 2.1mm DC Barrel is suitable for you. With this cable, you ca..

$3.48 Ex Tax: $3.48

Micro USB OTG Adapter

This super compact, and super cute Micro-B to USB on-the-go adapter. It is so tiny and cute that we'd pinch its cheeks if it was big enough to have cheeks.  At just ~20mm..

$2.50 Ex Tax: $2.50