micro:bit Jet Mole Kit (without micro:bit)

micro:bit Jet Mole Kit (without micro:bit)

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    What is Twin Drill Jet Mole?

    The Twin Drill Jet Mole is a product made for the book "Introduction to Mass Production for Makers and Startups (O'Reilly Japan)". Based on over 40 years of experience by the author, Yoshiki Omino, this book is a must-have for the maker, with a detailed process and know-how from the prototype of the twin drill jet mole to the commercialization.

    Assembled kit

    The Twin Drill Jet Mole is a prefabricated kit, but it can be assembled easily by screwing and fitting without using any adhesive. A separate Phillips screwdriver is required for assembly.


    Controlled by micro: bit

    On the control board of the Twin Drill Jet Mole, there is a connector for inserting a micro: bit edge connector. The micro: bit is not included in the kit and must be purchased separately.

    Two DC motors that are power sources are controlled by micro: bit programming.

    The biggest feature is the left and right drills

    The biggest feature of the twin drill jet mole is the left and right drills. The power generated by the DC motor is transmitted to the drill by two large and small gears and a final gear. By combining the rotation direction of the drill, it can be moved in 8 directions (back and forth, left and right and diagonal directions). By changing the rotation speed, you can give more detailed movement.

    It moves like this. The movie is a radio-controlled twin drill jet mole.


    Control board (motor drive circuit)

    Let's take a closer look at the control board (motor drive circuit). The control board (motor drive circuit) is screwed onto the chassis and pre-connected (B + / B-) to the battery box terminals (plus / minus). The two DC motors are soldered directly to the board.

    micro: bit connector (JK1)

    A connector for inserting a micro: bit.

    Power switch (SW1)

    Power switch.

    Red LED (LED1)

    Lights when the power switch is turned on or the micro: bit is connected to the computer with a USB cable.

    Motor driver (U1)

    It is a motor driver DRV8833 for driving two DC motors.

    Regulator (U2)

    This is a low loss regulator that outputs 3.3V from the power supply voltage. Power is mainly supplied to micro: bit.

    Terminal (P1 to P20, GND)

    These are the P1 to P20 terminals and the GND terminal that are pulled out from the micro: bit edge connector.


    Things you will need:


    Packing List:

    • 2 x Screw M3x10mm
    • 2 x Square Nut
    • 2 x Tapping Screw
    • 8 x Shaft
    • 1 x Drill (right)
    • 1 x Front Plate
    • 1 x  Body (Motors, PCB, Battery Contacts, etc already attached)
    • 1 x Rear Plate
    • 1 x Drill (left)
    • 2 x Small Gear
    • 2 x Big Gear
    • 1 x Cover

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