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R385 DC12V Diaphragm Water Pump

Note: From 13th March 2020 onwards, this water pump comes with only one mounting rubber.If you need to transfer water from one place to another place, you will need t..

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Micro Submersible Water Pump DC 3V-5V -0% Out Of Stock

Micro Submersible Water Pump DC 3V-5V

This is Micro Submersible Water Pump DC 3V-5V, can be easily integrate to your water system project. The water pump works using water suction method which drain the w..

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Water Solenoid Valve 12V DC G1/2 NC

Thinking of making a project fluid based? You need to control the water flow with microcontroller or computer, but didn't know how? Well, we have the solution, this 12V s..

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Fan Module with Propeller and L9110 Driver

Motor is always great electric parts to experiment with. This is small DC brushed motor module with propellor and integrated with L9110 mootr driver. It is suitable for k..

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