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TT Motor with Wheel Kits

Note: This product page comes with 2 wire length options:15cm wire 40cm wirePlease choose the preferred option. TT Motor..

$1.63++ Ex Tax: $1.63

3V Miniature Brush Motor with wire leads

This is a miniature DC brush motor without a gearhead that usually can be found in toy cars. Simply apply any voltage from 3V to 6V at its terminals to make it rotates. R..

$0.45 Ex Tax: $0.45

3V - 6V Dual Axis TT Gear Motor

Note: To make it easy for users, the latest version comes with wires soldered."TT" gearbox motor are popular, since we carried the TT motor + wheel kit back in 2018..

$0.88 Ex Tax: $0.88

TT Motor - Dual Metal Shaft

"TT" gearbox motor is popular, now we carry another model of "TT" motor. It is more durable yet still maintains affordable! This is a TT DC Dual Metal Gearbox Motor with ..

$2.75 Ex Tax: $2.75

716 3.7v 18000RPM Coreless Vibration Motor

The cylinder coreless vibrating motor belongs to DC, permanent magnet, micro motors. In the structure, it breaks through the rotor structure of the traditional motor and ..

$1.13 Ex Tax: $1.13

300C 1.5-6VDC 7mm Shaft Motor with Wires

This is a small DC brush motor with wires terminated with bare wires. It is widely used in toys and also solar kit projects because of its wide operating voltage and low ..

$0.63 Ex Tax: $0.63

Mini Disc Vibrating Motor 1027

We like the BZZZzzzzz when phone in silent mode (enable vibration). You can do that on anything now :) That's the little buzzing motor, and for any haptic feedback projec..

$1.13 Ex Tax: $1.13

3 Wire Geek Servo 360 degree Motor

Note: This is a 360° continuos rotation RC servo motor.This is a special servo motor. It is orange colored Geek Servo 360° (continuous rotation) servo and comes with ..

$9.50 Ex Tax: $9.50

Grove - Vibration Motor

This is a mini vibration motor suitable as a non-audible indicator. When the input is HIGH, the motor will vibrate just like your cell phone on silent mode. It consists o..

$3.73 Ex Tax: $3.73

820 Coreless Motor Pair with Blade

Motor is always great electric parts to experiment with. This is a pair of high speed coreless motor, comes with two different propeller blades, Clockwise and Counter Clo..

$3.38 Ex Tax: $3.38

2 Wire Geek Servo 360 Degree Motor

Kittenbot Geek servo is a red color 360°brush DC motor and comes with LEGO compatible casing for building your projects fast with LEGO and Micro:bit/Arduino/Raspberry Pi...

$8.25 Ex Tax: $8.25