Teenage (Age 13-18)

Teenage (Age 13-18)

Kits or components for secondary school students. These include Arduino and micro:bit controller, 3D Printers, electronics and coding kits, and more.

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Maker UNO Learning Box (w/o Maker UNO)

Note: This kit is Maker UNO Learning Box without the Maker UNO board, to offer the flexibility to choose the Arduino mainboard and also for those already have the mainboa..

$8.23 Ex Tax: $8.23

Maker UNO: Simplifying Arduino for {Education}

Maker UNO was 1825% funded on Kickstarter on Apr 17, 2018.  Maker UNO is an Arduino Compatible board specially designed to simplify building your projects:Co..

$7.25 Ex Tax: $7.25

Maker UNO Edu Kit (Arduino Compatible) -9%

Maker UNO Edu Kit (Arduino Compatible)

 Maker UNO was 1825% funded in Kickstarter on 17 Apr 2018. Thank you to the 1878 backers for your support!    WHAT IS MAKER UNO?  The ..

$13.75 $12.48 Ex Tax: $12.48

Maker UNO X: Simplifying Arduino for Classrooms

Are you an educator looking for STEM products for your curriculum? Are you considering teaching Arduino in your classroom? Look no further, Maker UNO X is your right choi..

$9.75 Ex Tax: $9.75

Maker UNO Learning Box - Everything You Need To Start Making

Note: This is a complete kit with Maker UNO. If you are looking for the same kit without Maker UNO, check this page out!Arduino is the easiest platform to learn digit..

$14.98 Ex Tax: $14.98

Young Maker Club STEM Kit - Maker UNO

Note: This is the learning kit for the Young Maker Club online e-course.  It includes every part needed for the exercises in the course. If you are interested to get the ..

$43.50 Ex Tax: $43.50