This is an elegant and nice little wireless keyboard + touchpad in one box. It is a combination of wireless keyboard and mouse. Suitable for any system that is Android or Linux based. And with its small size, you can store it at any place you like.

We have tried it on Raspberry Pi 4 Model B, Raspberry Pi 3B (B+ too) and Raspberry Pi Zero series, and it works great. There is a USB dongle because it is using a proprietary 2.4GHz wireless protocol, not WiFi or Bluetooth. This free up the connection for Raspberry Pi to be used for other connections.

The touchpad acting as a mouse is quite easy to use. There are additional shortcut keys for media player too.

In case you need to use it in a dark environment, this wireless keyboard comes with backlight function:

Another great feature, this keyboard itself is battery powered (there's a rechargeable battery inside that you can charge up via the included USB cable).


Possible Applications:

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