UIC00B is designed to program popular Flash PIC Microcontroller which includes most of the PIC family. Besides 8-bit, it can also program 16-bit and 32-bit PIC MCU. On board ICSP (In Circuit Serial Programming) connector offers flexible methods to load program. USB port is commonly available and widely used on Laptop and Desktop PC, thus is very convenient to use UIC00B. It offers reliable, high speed programming and free windows interface software. 
      New! Program most of the +3.3V or +5V PIC
      New! Compatible with PICkit2’s UART Tool and Logic Tool
      New! Program most of the current 8-, 16-, and 32-bit Flash PIC microcontroller
Dimension: 7.5cm x 3cm

Note: The mini CD is no longer provided when you purchase UIC00B, you need to download them (Installer and user manual) from the attachment tab.
Supported PIC models: For complete list, please check User's Manual page 5.

Baseline Devices
PIC10F200       PIC10F202       PIC10F204       PIC10F206
PIC10F220       PIC10F222
PIC12F508       PIC12F509       PIC12F510    PIC12F519
PIC16F505       PIC16F506       PIC16F526
PIC16F54        PIC16F57        PIC16F59

Midrange/Standard Devices
>> All 'LF' versions of devices are supported
PIC12F609       PIC12HV609     
PIC12F615       PIC12HV615      
PIC12F629       PIC12F635#      PIC12F675       PIC12F683#
PIC16F610       PIC16HV610      PIC16F616       PIC16HV616
PIC16F627       PIC16F628       PIC16F639
PIC16F627A      PIC16F628A      PIC16F648A
PIC16F630       PIC16F631       PIC16F636#      PIC16F676
PIC16F677       PIC16F684#      PIC16F685#      PIC16F687#
PIC16F688#      PIC16F689#      PIC16F690#      
PIC16F73+       PIC16F74+       PIC16F76+       PIC16F77+
PIC16F737+      PIC16F747+      PIC16F767+      PIC16F777+
PIC16F785       PIC16HV785      
PIC16F84A       PIC16F87#       PIC16F88#
PIC16F818#      PIC16F819#
PIC16F870       PIC16F871       PIC16F872       
PIC16F873       PIC16F874       PIC16F876       PIC16F877
PIC16F873A      PIC16F874A      PIC16F876A      PIC16F877A
PIC16F883#      PIC16F884#      PIC16F886#      PIC16F887#
PIC16F913#      PIC16F914#      PIC16F916#      PIC16F917#

Midrange/1.8V Min Devices
PIC16F722       PIC16LF722
PIC16F723       PIC16LF723      PIC16F724       PIC16LF724
PIC16F726       PIC16LF726      PIC16F727       PIC16LF727

PIC16F1933      PIC16F1934      PIC16F1936      PIC16F1937
PIC16F1938      PIC16F1939
PIC16LF1933     PIC16LF1934     PIC16LF1936     PIC16LF1937
PIC16LF1938     PIC16LF1939


PIC18F Devices
>> All 'LF' versions of devices are supported
PIC18F242       PIC18F252       PIC18F442       PIC18F452
PIC18F248       PIC18F258       PIC18F448       PIC18F458
PIC18F1220      PIC18F1320      PIC18F2220  
PIC18F1230      PIC18F1330      PIC18F1330-ICD    
PIC18F2221      PIC18F2320      PIC18F2321      PIC18F2331      
PIC18F2410      PIC18F2420      PIC18F2423      PIC18F2431
PIC18F2450      PIC18F2455      PIC18F2458      PIC18F2480
PIC18F2510      PIC18F2515      PIC18F2520      PIC18F2523  
PIC18F2525      PIC18F2550      PIC18F2553      PIC18F2580
PIC18F2610      PIC18F2620      PIC18F2680      PIC18F2682  
PIC18F4220      PIC18F4221      PIC18F4320      PIC18F4321  
PIC18F4331      PIC18F4410      PIC18F4420      PIC18F4423      
PIC18F4431      PIC18F4450      PIC18F4455      PIC18F4458
PIC18F4510      PIC18F4515      PIC18F4520      PIC18F4523
PIC18F4525      PIC18F4550      PIC18F4553      PIC18F4580
PIC18F4610      PIC18F4620      PIC18F4680      PIC18F4682  
PIC18F4685      PIC18F6310      PIC18F6390      PIC18F6393
PIC18F6410      PIC18F6490      PIC18F6493      PIC18F6520
PIC18F6525      PIC18F6527      
PIC18F6585      PIC18F6620      PIC18F6621      PIC18F6622
PIC18F6627      PIC18F6628      PIC18F6680      PIC18F6720
PIC18F6722      PIC18F6723
PIC18F8310      PIC18F8390      PIC18F8393      PIC18F8410
PIC18F8490      PIC18F8493
PIC18F8520      PIC18F8525      PIC18F8527      PIC18F8585
PIC18F8620      PIC18F8621      PIC18F8622      PIC18F8627
PIC18F8680      PIC18F8720      PIC18F8722    PIC18F8723

PIC18F_J_ Devices
PIC18F24J10     PIC18LF24J10     
PIC18F24J11     PIC18LF24J11    PIC18F24J50     PIC18LF24J50
PIC18F25J10     PIC18LF25J10        
PIC18F25J11     PIC18LF25J11    PIC18F25J50     PIC18LF25J50
PIC18F26J11     PIC18LF26J11    PIC18F26J50     PIC18LF26J50
PIC18F44J10     PIC18LF44J10
PIC18F44J11     PIC18LF44J11    PIC18F44J50     PIC18LF44J50
PIC18F45J10     PIC18LF45J10
PIC18F45J11     PIC18LF45J11    PIC18F45J50     PIC18LF45J50
PIC18F46J11     PIC18LF46J11    PIC18F46J50     PIC18LF46J50
PIC18F63J11     PIC18F63J90     PIC18F64J11     PIC18F64J90
PIC18F65J10     PIC18F65J11     PIC18F65J15     PIC18F65J50
PIC18F66J10     PIC18F66J11     PIC18F66J15     PIC18F66J16
PIC18F66J50     PIC18F66J55     PIC18F66J60     PIC18F66J65    
PIC18F67J10     PIC18F67J11     PIC18F67J50     PIC18F67J60
PIC18F83J11     PIC18F83J90     PIC18F84J11     PIC18F84J90
PIC18F85J10     PIC18F85J11     PIC18F85J15     PIC18F85J50
PIC18F86J10     PIC18F86J11     PIC18F86J15     PIC18F86J16
PIC18F86J50     PIC18F86J55     PIC18F86J60     PIC18F86J65
PIC18F87J10     PIC18F87J11     PIC18F87J50     PIC18F87J60
PIC18F96J60     PIC18F96J65     PIC18F97J60

PIC18F_K_ Devices
PIC18F13K22     PIC18LF13K22    PIC18F14K22     PIC18LF14K22
PIC18F13K50     PIC18LF13K50    PIC18F14K50     PIC18LF14K50
PIC18F23K20     PIC18F24K20     PIC18F25K20     PIC18F26K20
PIC18F43K20     PIC18F44K20     PIC18F45K20     PIC18F46K20

Demo Video: