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Maker UNO Learning Box  (w/o Maker UNO) Out Of Stock

Maker UNO Learning Box (w/o Maker UNO)

Note: This kit is Maker UNO Learning Box without the Maker UNO board, to offer the flexibility to choose the Arduino mainboard and also for those already have the mainboa..

$8.23 Ex Tax: $8.23

Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Beginner Kit (w/o Raspberry Pi) Out Of Stock

Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Beginner Kit (w/o Raspberry Pi)

Note: This Beginner Kit comes without the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B mainboard to offer the flexibility to match with either:Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 1GB Raspberry Pi ..

$42.48 Ex Tax: $42.48

10Amp 5V-30V DC Motor Driver (2 Channels)

Note: MDD10A shipped after Jan 2017 is in Rev2.0 which Vmotor supports up to 30VDC.DC brushed motor is the most commonly used and widely available motor in the market..

$19.25 Ex Tax: $19.25

5V 2.5A Adapter micro B USB cable (UK plug) Best Seller

5V 2.5A Adapter micro B USB cable (UK plug)

This AC/DC adapter is specially design for application that needs power from micro USB. The maximum current of 2.5A from this adapter suitable for most of the application..

$5.00 Ex Tax: $5.00

IC ATMEGA328P (With Arduinio bootloader) Out Of Stock

IC ATMEGA328P (With Arduinio bootloader)

Atmel's ATMega328P 8-Bit Processor in 28 pin DIP package. It comes with 32K of program space. 23 I/O lines, 6 of which are channels for the 10-bit ADC. Runs up to 20MHz w..

$3.75 Ex Tax: $3.75

Soldering Iron Kit with Digital Multimeter (UK Plug)

Complete Soldering Kit with Multimeter:  It includes the complete soldering tools for various uses, from home DIY, electrical repair jobs and other soldering projects. ..

$24.75 Ex Tax: $24.75

2xAAA Battery Holder with On/Off Switch

As micro:bit is gaining traction in this region, powering it is a must :)If you are new to micro:bit, it is a powerful embedded platform or microcontroller board with..

$0.75 Ex Tax: $0.75

5 Inches Robot Wheel Without Key Hub

New rubber wheel for mobile robot, perfect fit with Cytron's 8mm, 10mm and 15mm metal key hub/coupling. With outer diameter of 5 inches and material of rubber, it provide..

$12.50 Ex Tax: $12.50

IR Sensor Set With Socket

The IRS-02 IR sensor set with socket consists of an IR transmitter and an IR receiver mounted side by side and is covered by a rectangular socket to minimize the influenc..

$0.88 Ex Tax: $0.88

Maker UNO X: Simplifying Arduino for Classrooms

Are you an educator looking for STEM products for your curriculum? Are you considering teaching Arduino in your classroom? Look no further, Maker UNO X is your right choi..

$9.75 Ex Tax: $9.75

HDMI to VGA Adapter with Audio & Power

Standard HDMI to VGA converter. Support Raspberry Pi 2 and 3 model B (not Zero and Zero W). Converts HDMI input to VGA output with audio too, but not the other way around..

$13.75 Ex Tax: $13.75

12VDC Solenoid Door Lock

As we know, solenoids are basically electromagnets, a big coil of copper wire with an armature in the middle. As the coil is energized, the slug is pulled into the center..

$4.73 Ex Tax: $4.73

XBee Starter Kit without module

This is the SKXBee/SKXBee-Pro board without the module. This board is basically a USB to UART beakout board for XBee module and it comes along with the USB miniB Type Cab..

$17.25 Ex Tax: $17.25

2.1mm DC Plug with Cable

Standard size DC plug (2.1mm) come with 21cm AWG22 cable. It is very useful to connect your power source to your target board.  ..

$0.63 Ex Tax: $0.63

9V Battery Holder Cover with switch

These Battery Holder are suitable for 9 Volt Batteries.They allow you to shut off power for Arduino without having to pull the barrel plug out each time.They have an easy..

$0.63 Ex Tax: $0.63

USB A to Micro USB with On/Off Switch CAN'T STOP CLICKING THIS ON-OFF SWITCH! It has such a satisfying click and it works so well.  Plus, it's just about perfect..

$2.50 Ex Tax: $2.50

RGB Color Sensor with IR filter Out Of Stock

RGB Color Sensor with IR filter

Oh, looking for color sensor for your project? This might be the best color sensor on the market, the TCS34725, which has RGB and Clear light sensing elements. An IR bloc..

$10.50 Ex Tax: $10.50

IC Hook with Tail (6 colors)

IC hook comes with female header is useful for project development and testing. The tiny hooks are able to grab very small points like SOIC IC legs securely so that we no..

$3.25 Ex Tax: $3.25

5 Inches Robot Wheel With 8mm Key Hub

Wheel solution for mobile robot. This is Cytron new wheel combo set that comes with 5 inches rubber wheel and 8mm metal key hub. A perfect tyre/wheel solution if you are ..

$20.00 Ex Tax: $20.00

Mini Jumper With Tail

Description: Figure below shown application of mini jumper. Figure (a) shown mini jumper used to select 18 pins on UIC-S and figure (b) is to select 28/40 pins.Pin pitc..

$0.08 Ex Tax: $0.08