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M5Stack Basic ESP32 Development Kit

M5Stack BASIC Kit, like its namesake, is a starter kit among the M5Stack development kit series, and it is available now at Cytron marketplace. Its modular, stackable..

$37.50 Ex Tax: $37.50

M5Stack RFID MFRC522 Unit

This M5Stack RFID MFRC522 Unit is embedded with an RFID chip MFRC522 inside. It enables this Unit to read/write Mifare 13.56Mhz RFID tag or card.The MFRC522 opera..

$8.58 Ex Tax: $8.58

M5Stack Fire ESP32 Development Kit

M5Stack FIRE Kit is a upgrade from the Gray kits, except the 9-Axis IMU sensor. It provides more hardware resources : 16M Flash + 4M PSRAM , enhanced Base (M5GO Base and ..

$62.50 Ex Tax: $62.50

M5Stack ATOM Matrix ESP32 Development Kit

ATOM Matrix is the most compact development board in the M5Stack development kit series yet with a size of only 24 x 24mm. It provides more GPIO pins and is very suit..

$14.88 Ex Tax: $14.88

M5 COMMU Module-RS485 TTL CAN I2C Port

COMMU is a Muti-Communication-Interface-Converter, an add-on module for M5Stack controllers.M5Stack Basic ESP32 M5Stack Fire ESP32Integrated with 2..

$18.95 Ex Tax: $18.95

M5StickC ToF VL53L0X Sensor HAT

ToF(Time of Flight) HAT is a high precision laser-ranging sensor specifically designed for M5StickC. Integrated with VL53L0X and 940nm VCSEL emitter. It can provide h..

$12.38 Ex Tax: $12.38

M5StickC Environment Sensor HAT

HAT ENV is able to detect the temperature, humidity, air pressure, and magnetic field. This product relates via I2C protocol which allows you to obtain 4 types of env..

$9.90 Ex Tax: $9.90

M5Stack Environment Sensor Unit II

ENV II is an environment sensor that can sense temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure. It is built with SHT30 and BMP280 sensors and is programmed over I2C. ..

$7.43 Ex Tax: $7.43

M5StickV K210 AI Camera (Without Wifi)

Note: M5StickV does not support microphone function, which will be added to the upcoming Wifi version M5StickV+.M5Stack recently launched the new AIOT(AI+IOT) Camera ..

$36.25 Ex Tax: $36.25

M5StickC PSRAM Camera OV2640 2MP

M5Camera X is a development board for image recognition. It features an ESP32 (4M Flash + 520K RAM) chip and 2-Megapixel camera (OV2640). M5Camera offers plenty of st..

$20.20 Ex Tax: $20.20

M5StickC PIR AS312 HAT

HAT PIR is an M5StickC compatible human body induction sensor, it belongs to "Passive pyroelectric infrared detector", that detect the infrared come from the human bo..

$4.95 Ex Tax: $4.95

M5StickC Li-ion 18650 Power Pack

18650C HAT is a rechargeable battery base designed for M5StickC with a built-in 18650 large capacity rechargeable lithium battery. It can provide long-term endurance ..

$12.38 Ex Tax: $12.38

M5StickC Fingerprint F1020SC Sensor HAT

FINGER HAT comes with "FPC1020SC" fingerprint sensor inside. This all-in-one fingerprint sensor makes adding, verification and management of fingerprints super easy. ..

$33.00 Ex Tax: $33.00

M5StickC ESP32-PICO Mini IoT with Watch Accs

Note: From 5th Aug 2020, the kit comes with the watch band (random color), wall mount and lego mount bases.M5Stick-C is a mini M5Stack, powered by ESP32. It is ..

$23.75 Ex Tax: $23.75

M5Stack UnitV AI Camera

 UNIT-V is the new AI Camera powered by Kendryte K210. An edge computing system-on-chip(SoC) with dual-core 64bit RISC-V CPU and state-of-art neural network proce..

$29.70 Ex Tax: $29.70

M5Stack ToF VL53L0X Sensor Unit

ToF that employs time-of-flight techniques to resolve distance between the emitting point and the reach point of a subject, measuring the round trip time of an artifi..

$13.23 Ex Tax: $13.23

M5Stack PM2.5 Air Quality Sensor Kit-PMSA003

PM2.5 is a pollution sensor base with affordable price and high performance. Integrated with PMSA003 and SHT20, makes it possible to measure the ambient quality of ai..

$67.25 Ex Tax: $67.25

M5Stack PIR Sensor Unit - AS312

PIR is a human body infrared unit. It belongs to the "passive pyroelectric infrared detector". It detects the infrared radiation emitted and reflected by the human bo..

$4.15 Ex Tax: $4.15

M5Stack NCIR Temperature Sensor Unit-MLX90614 -9% Out Of Stock

M5Stack NCIR Temperature Sensor Unit-MLX90614

NCIR (Non-Contact InfraRed) featured with built-in infrared sensor MLX90614. It can be used to measure the surface temperature of a human body or other objects.Un..

$27.25 $24.88 Ex Tax: $24.88

M5Stack GPS/BDS Unit - AT6558 -12%

M5Stack GPS/BDS Unit - AT6558

This is the M5Unit version of GPS, integrates a Zhongke BDS navigation chip AT6558, and an amplification chip MAX2659 used for amplifying antenna signal.AT655..

$19.80 $17.43 Ex Tax: $17.43