1.5Amp 7V-25V DC Motor Driver (4 Channels)

1.5Amp 7V-25V DC Motor Driver (4 Channels)

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This 4 channels DC motor driver is designed for makers who want to build an omnidirectional-drive robot. It enables bidirectional control of four (4) DC brushed motor from 7V to 25V. 

The onboard test buttons and motor output LEDs allow functional test of the motor driver in a quick and convenient way without hooking up the host controller.

This motor driver can be controlled with PWM and DIR inputs. With input logic voltage range from 1.8V to 12V, it’s compatible with wide variety of host controller (e.g. Arduino, Raspberry Pi, PLC).

* Starting from 10th April 2015, FD04A is Rev2.0


  • Bidirectional control for four (4) brushed DC motors.
  • Operating Voltage: DC 7V to 25V
  • Maximum Motor Current: 1.5A continuous, 2.5A peak
  • Buttons for quick testing.
  • LEDs for motor output state.
  • PWM and DIR inputs.
  • Inputs compatible with 3.3V and 5V logic (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, PLC, etc).
  • Reverse polarity protection.
  • Board size: 10.67cm x 5.21cm

Example Application: Omnidirectional drive mobile robot, automation machine.



Packing List:
  • 1 x 1.5Amp 7V-25V DC Motor Driver (4 Channels)
  • 1 x 14 ways IDE cable
Operating Condition
Motor Channel4
Operating Voltage (VDC)7 to 25
Peak Current (A)2.5
Continuous Current (A)1.5
Operating Modes
Arduino ShieldNo- can be used with Wire connection
PWM (Lock-Antiphase and Sign-Magnitude)Yes
RC Servo SignalNo
Special Protection
Polarity ProtectionYes
LEDs IndicatorYes
Test/Manual ButtonYes
Cooling FanNo
Other Features
Power SwitchOn board power switch
Can this be used to control 4 DC motors that have rated current of 1A each? ( fei, 16/12/2020 )
Hi, yes can, they are compatible. Thanks :)
We are using the FD04-R2 to drive a proportional control valve. I would like to get the schematic of the L298 connections and specifically the Schottky diode spec as I suspect the flyback diode is causing a recirculating current to hold the coil energized longer than desired when we PWM the valve coil. ( Tom Burgmann, 06/06/2020 )
Hi, you may drop an email to support@cytron.io for technical assistance. Our team will reply to you as soon as possible. Thanks :)
Can the driver be used with 2 stepper motor? ( Ryan Goh, 20/01/2018 )
Yes, it can
I would like to use the FD04A driver with Raspberry PI 3 - where could I find a library for Python for it ?
or at least a good description of how to control this from Raspberry PI ?
( Mark, 08/11/2017 )
Hi, currently we don't have Python library yet for this product. However, it uses standard control pin (digital for direction, pwm for speed). For further questions, please visit to our technical forum for similar question or post your question there, as this session is only for short inquiry. Thanks.
How much input current is needed for this motor driver? ( Hafiz, 04/11/2017 )
Hi, for the input pin (DIR, PWM), it draws only a few mA. For further questions, please visit to our technical forum as this session is only for short inquiry related to the product. Thanks.
can be used for motor IG45 24v? ( khairul, 26/07/2017 )
Hi, this motor driver can operate the motor with 7 to 25VDC. Thanks
4 Channel Motor Driver Can this module be used with Arduino Mega ? My project is about making an autonomous car which has 4 DC motors. Each tire has their own DC motor. ( Ali, 11/07/2016 )

Hi. It is possible to use with Arduino Mega. Thanks :)

this can drive up to 2.5A for all for motor combined or every motor up to 2.5A ? ( Cheah Wei, 29/02/2016 )

Hi, 2.5Amp for each channel. Thanks. :)

which branch in KL have this shield? and if it is not available in kl, if I order today can it reach me tomorrow? thanks. ( Marwan, 04/02/2016 )

Hi, You can contact our distributor in KL to know about the availability. You can check here the list of our distributor in KL and their contact number. If you are buying from us, delivery expected time will be 2 to 3 working days. Thanks. :)

Hi, can this motor driver be connected to the RC input signal ? ( Yap, 24/06/2015 )

Hi, This motor driver cant't be connected with RC input signal.

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