12V 75RPM 3kgfcm Brushed DC Geared Motor

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DC Geared Motor Bracket (SPG30/SPG50)

DC Geared Motor Bracket (SPG30/SPG50)

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Metal Key Hub - 6mm

Metal Key Hub - 6mm

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  • Product Code: SPG30-60K
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This is a low-cost 12V DC brush motor with 33mm diameter motor size. It comes with a 60:1 reduction gearhead that produces 294mNm torque , and no load speed of 75RPM. Very suitable to build a wheeled mobile robot and other robotic projects. 

To control it, you need to get a proper DC motor driver that can cope with at least 2 Amp current because the motor may draw more than 1 Amp current when it is run in full load.


You may need a bracket to fix the motor at the desired location. 

You should consider getting the plastic wheel if you are building a wheeled mobile robot. 

Alternatively, get the metal key hub so that you can connect the motor shaft with a foreign part easily.




  • Rated voltage: 12VDC
  • No load current: < 100mA
  • No load speed: 75 ± 7.5 RPM
  • Rated load torque: 294mN.m (3kgf.cm)
  • Rated current: < 600mA
  • Rated load speed: 50 ± 5 RPM
  • Weight: 162g
  • Gear ratio: 60:1
  • Shaft: 6mm diameter x 15.5mm length
    Motor Specification
    Speed (RPM)51 - 100
    Torque (kgf.cm)2.01 - 3.00
    Gear Ratio60:1
    Current< 600mA
    Diameter Motor37mm
    Packing List
    • 1 x 12V 75RPM 3kgfcm Brushed DC Geared Motor
    Q & A (9)
    Hi, i connected this motor to 12v battery and running using ESP32..When i provide the 255 PWM power to the motor and test, i doesnt seem to able to reach 75 RPM. What are the criteria to reach 75RPM? ( maven, 05/01/2022 )
    Can I know your motor driver type? The speed depends on your motor driver output.
    Hi, can i get below data for transfer function calculation?(J) moment of inertia of the rotor kg.m^2(b) motor viscous friction constant N.m.s(Kb) electromotive force constant V/rad/sec(Kt) motor torque constant N.m/Amp(R) electric resistance Ohm(L) electric inductance HThanks & Regards ( surya, 08/11/2019 )
    Hi, you may email to support@cytron.io for such enquiry. Thanks :)
    Can this geared motor controlled by programmable control motion (which can controlled by PC)? This motor come with driver? ( SS, 10/10/2019 )
    Hi! It depends on the controller that you use. This item can be used if the controller can control DC Motor. Thanks :)
    how many standard rpm for this geared motor? ( pw, 03/10/2017 )
    Hi, the no-load speed (r.p.m) is 75 ± 7.5. You may refer to the description for more info :) 
    does it suitable for making a conveyor ? ( ashe, 31/08/2016 )
    This motor is suitable for conveyor model. But it also depend on load you want to support. Its better to pick the motor which having high torque and low speed. For further inquiry, kindly visit our technical forum as this session is only for short inquiry. Thanks.?  
    hi , can i know the max weight of this motor can support ( ashe, 31/08/2016 )
    Hi, 2.6 kg.cm (254.8mN.m)  For further inquiry, kindly visit our technical forum as this session is only for short inquiry. Thanks.?
    For the spg30-60k, under the description it says that the current at free run is 410 mA, but in the attachments it says no-load current is 70 mA. Would you mind clearing up which one of those values is the actual no-load current? Also do you have values for the load current? Thank you. ( greg, 07/12/2015 )
    Hi, thanks for the catch, is our mistake. It should be 70mA at free run. At rated load it will consume 410mA. At full load (stalled), it will take 1.8A
    when will you restock this item? ( sahniana, 30/07/2015 )
    It will ready after 1 Week.
    Excuse me...may i know size of this DC Geared motor?..Thank you... ( Firdaus, 25/01/2015 )
    Hi, you can get the specification under the "Attachment" tab.

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