12V 75RPM 3kgfcm Brushed DC Geared Motor with Encoder

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The famous SPG30 gear motor is mounted with a quadrature hall effect encoder allowing us to do monitoring in position and direction of the motor rotation. This is very useful especially when we are building a pulling system or conveyor system. Two hall effect sensors are placed 90 degrees apart to sense and produce two outputs, A and B which is 90 degrees out of phase and allowing the direction of rotation to be determined.

Please watch the video below to see how cool is it to have encoder feedback for your DC motor.

This motor is mounted with a 60:1 gearhead that able to produce 294mN.m torque with 75RPM. The maximum current of this motor may exceed 1 amp, so please make sure you drive it with a DC motor driver that can withstand at least 2 amp current. 

For mounting, the depth of the thread of the motor is 3.2 mm. So, you need to use an M3 screw that shorter than 3.2 mm. A longer screw will damage the gearbox. You may need to consider the thickness of the bracket or other external parts that you need to mount with the motor before choosing the screw.



  • Rated Voltage: 12VDC
  • No-load current: < 100mA
  • No-load speed: 75 ± 7.5 RPM
  • Rated load torque: 294mN.m (3kgf.cm)
  • Rated current: < 600mA
  • Rated load speed: 50 ± 5 RPM
  • Gear Ratio: 60:1 
  • Shaft size: D-shaped with 6mm diameter, 15.5mm in length
  • Resolution of the encoder output:
    • 3 pulses 7 pulses per rear shaft revolution, single-channel output, either channel A or B
    • 420 counts per main shaft revolution, single-channel output, either channel A or B


Motor Specification
Speed (RPM)51 - 100
Torque (kgf.cm)2.01 - 3.00
Gear Ratio60:1 
Current< 600mA
Diameter Motor37mm
Packing List
  • 1 x 12V 75RPM 3kgfcm DC Geared Motor with Encoder
Encoder User's Manual V1.2 Jun13
Example Code: 16F
Example Code: 18F
Q & A (8)
What is the roughly weight of this motor? ( Lam, 30/11/2019 )
Hi, the weight is about 187.6 g. Thanks :)
Hi, I bought this motor (spg30e-60k) but the encoder is giving me much more counts than what the documentation says.I receive approximately 1670 counts each time my wheel rotates 360°.I tested it on arduino, with my own code and multiple existing well known libraries like (https://www.pjrc.com/teensy/td_libs_Encoder.html) and I have the same results all the time.Could you please advise ?Thanks ( Ben, 28/01/2019 )
Hi, can you email all the setup and details to support@cytron.io. 
What is the ppm of the encoder of this motor ( subash, 16/07/2017 )
Hi, you may refer to the user manual at page number 4. Thanks
Can this type of motor being interface with labview software? ( Soleh, 10/03/2016 )
Hi, Sorry we are not familiar with Labview. You can try to experiment. Thanks. :)
Hi, may i know more about technical details of this motor? for example: -resistance -inductance -inertia of the rotor -friction constant -electromotive force constant -motor torque constant ( Liyana, 07/11/2015 )
Hi, sorry, the manufacturer does not perform test and do not provide the information needed.
Can we control the speed, direction and angle for this motor.if can, what is other component that i need to use to control this motor? ( mohd, 30/04/2015 )
That is possible, we do not have a complete list as it require program, you can refer to this tutorial.
Hi, can I know the gear ratio of this motor? ( anonymousK, 12/03/2015 )
Just check the product code, example SPG30E-200K means 200:1 gear ratio.
Hiii..could this motor be used with Transwheel Coupling For SPG30/SPG50? Thank You ( Hafiz, 31/12/2014 )
Yes, it is compatible.

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