-92% 16 Channel Servo Controller

16 Channel Servo Controller

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SC16A offers reliable yet user friendly RC Servo motor controller to hobbyist and students. It is designed to control 16 independent standard RC (Remote Control) servo motors simultaneously in a single board.  Each servo signal pin is able to generate servo pulses from 0.5 ms to 2.5 ms, which is greater than the range of most servos, further allows for servos to operate 180 degrees. Through serial communication, SC16A can be daisy chain in 2 boards to offer independent control over 32 RC servo motors simultaneously. The host of SC16A can either be a PC desktop, Laptop with USB port, or microcontroller with UART interface. Both USB and UART interface present a flexible, fast and easy to use feature. With USB, it is plug and play, user is able to get it running within 5 minutes time. 

Please download the latest USB driver here.
Capabilities and features:
16 channels: Servo driven independently
Extendable to 32 Channels: Two controller linked together to drive 32 servos
Optional Position Reporting: User may request position of an individual servo.
Optional Servo Ramping: Choose one of 63 ramp rate (speed rate) for each servo.
Sample GUI for computer*: User may control the servo via sample GUI software. 
Resolution: 1.367us.
UART: 9600 baud rate
Servo pulse: 0.5ms to 2.5ms.
Dimension: 8.2cm x 4.7cm
Document: User manual
* The sample GUI is provided free, therefore no further support is provided. It have been tested on Window XP Home, XP Professional and Vista Starter.
Hi is there any way i could use this on my RC transmitter? i have a 16 switch RC transmitter that could be map to servo but unfortunately i do not have a 16 channel RC receiver. Can i somehow use this with my 16 switch RC transmitter? ( Allan, 27/07/2017 )
Hi, sorry this product cannot act as RC receiver. For further questions, you can post to our technical forum as this session is only for short inquiry. Thanks.
Do you make a RF transmitter that can send servo signals from the sc16a by RF to receivers ? ( mike buzz, 12/09/2015 )

No, sorry, we do not have that product.

Hi When i use this command " while(reading_position(1) < 1150); " my servo never rotate. as soon as i comment this out, it starts working again. I need to implement something so that when i connect the power to my servo it doesn't suddenly jump to 0 degrees. i want it to move to any location i specify smoothly with the set speed. But now it keeps jumping to zero then it smoothly moves to the set position. please help me with this. Your help is much appreciated ( Saeed, 25/04/2015 )

Hi, please do continue the discussion in our technical forum where you can share the complete source code. Thanks :)

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USB Driver27/12/2017N/ADownload
USB Driver Installation Guide27/12/2017N/ADownload
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Sample Source Code:SC16A+18F4520 + POS Updated May 201227/12/2017N/ADownload
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