New -17% 16GB MicroSD with RPi OS for Home Learning

16GB MicroSD with RPi OS for Home Learning

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    Note: This microSD card is preloaded with Raspberry Pi OS and Configured to overclock Raspberry Pi to 2.0GHz.


    This is a 16GB, Class A1 micro SD card from Raspberry Pi Foundation. Cytron Technologies has loaded it with Raspberry Pi OS, configured the kernel to overclock the Raspberry Pi to overclock at 2.0GHz, and preinstall several apps/software for digital making and home learning. With overclock at 2.0GHz, this MicroSD card is suitable for:



    Preloaded with Raspberry Pi OS (Official Operating System for Raspberry Pi), and we are taking it directly from Raspberry Pi Foundation and loaded it with a customized OS image. And Yes, this MicroSD card comes all the way from UK.

    I am sure many Raspberry Pi users will have 1 common doubt: What type of microSD card is best for Raspberry Pi? Well, we have been asking the same question since day 1:) Now, let's trust the Raspberry Pi team which is the designer and producer of Raspberry Pi. They recommend Class A1 because of the characteristic of Raspberry Pi accessing the memory on the microSD card. The random read and write speed is critical. For details of Class A1, please refer to here.

    "But more and more, memory cards are being used to extend the memory of devices that run apps. Devices like smartphones and mobile gaming consoles. The apps that run on these devices interact with memory space differently. Rather than a stream of sequential data, they want to write a lot of small chunks of data wherever there's space available. That's known as random read/write (compared to sequential read/write that's important for video)." which Raspberry Pi falls into, the operating system will need to read/write data from/to the microSD card in random access.

    Raspberry Pi is designed and produced for everyone to learn Digital Making and to further ease beginners to get started, Cytron Technologies has helped to overclock the kernel of Raspberry Pi to 2.0GHz and offer better performance. Yet, with the overclock to 2.0 GHz, this microSD card is suitable for Raspberry Pi 400 or Raspberry Pi 4 Model B boards only. It is NOT SUITABLE to boot up on older Raspberry Pi board example: Raspberry Pi 3 Model B, B+, 3A+, Zero and so on.


    Besides, the Raspberry Pi OS has also been pre-installed with useful software/apps for Digital Making:

    • Arduino IDE - Top IDE for Physical computing
    • Scratch 3 - Block-based programming language
    • Thonny Python IDE - One of the MicroPython IDE
    • Pi Apps - To install other compatible Apps on Raspberry Pi OS
    • CommanderPi - To configure Raspberry Pi Clock easily
    • Telegram Desktop - To connect to your Telegram account and transfer URL or files easily
    • Zoom Desktop - Still a little laggy compare to Google Meet. Get it from the Internet menu

    Not to forget, we have also configured the default search engine to Google and open a few useful page as default:

    • Gmail - for you to log in to your Gmail account easily
    • Google Meet - In case you need to attend an online class for home learning with a teacher :)
    • Google Classroom - Most of the schools are using Google Classroom for online learning material.
    • Official Raspberry Pi Foundation page
    • Official Raspberry Pi YouTube Channel
    • Makecode for microbit online programming
    • Cytron Technologies URL, in case you need help, just click the live chat at the bottom right corner. Our team will standby to serve :)



    Note: Google Meet can be used on Chromium (default Internet Browser) as shown by various users but the screen sharing is not supported as of now.

    It comes with the SD card adapter (with Raspberry Pi Logo) for the ease of accessing micro SD from a computer or SD card reader.

    Note: It is normal for the 1st boot to be slower (around 30 seconds to 1 minute) as the Raspberry Pi needs to extract and expand the file system on the microSD card. The subsequent boot will be faster.

    Note: In case you need a USB microSD card reader/writer, get it from here.


    • 16GB MicroSD with SD card adapter (Raspberry Pi Logo)
    • Preloaded with Raspberry Pi OS, overclock to 2.0 GHz, and pre-installed with Digital Making and Home Learning Apps
    • Brand: SanDisk
    • SD Speed Class: Class 10
    • UHS Speed Grade: UHS 1
    • Application Performance: A1
      • Sequential Read >12MB/S (A1 Standard 10MB/S)
      • Random IOPS - Read: 2000 IOPS (A1 standard 1500)
      • Random IOPS - Write: 500 IOPS (A1 standard 500)
    • Comes from Raspberry Pi Foundation, Raspberry Pi OS image customized by Cytron Technologies

    Note: In any case, you need to format the MicroSD card and get the latest NOOBS or Raspbian, please get the latest version from Raspberry Pi's Software page and you can use the new Imager app from Raspberry Pi Foundation to burn Raspbian Image into this microSD card.

    Packing List:

    • 1 x SanDisk 16GB A1 microSD card, preloaded with Raspberry Pi OS with overclock settings
    • 1 x SD card adapter with Raspberry Pi Logo

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