18 Pins PIC Start-up Kit

18 Pins PIC Start-up Kit

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SK18B is another version of SK18A. It is designed to offer an easy to start board for PIC MCU user. However, all interface and program should be developed by user. This board comes with basic element for user to begin project development. It offers plug and use features. This kit is designed to offer:
  • Compact, powerful, flexible and robust start-up platform.
  • No extra components required for the PIC to function.
  • Extension header pin and turn pin for PIC pins and are nicely labeled (PIC16F MCU) to avoid miss-connection by users.
  • Connector for UIC00A (low cost USB ICSP PIC Programmer) offer simple and fast method to load program.
  • Connector for UART. You can direct connect this board to computer using UC00A (USB to UART converter) or to other driver such as SC16A and SD02B.
  • No more frustrated work plugging PIC out and back for re-programming.
  • Perfectly fit for 18 pins PIC16F MCU.
  • With UIC00A, program can be loaded in less than 4 seconds.
  • Sample programs are provided!
  • LED blinking.
  • PC interface via UART.
SK18B comes with:
  • 5V voltage regulator (1A max)
  • 20MHz oscillator
  • Reset button
  • 1 x programmable general purpose push button
  • 2 x programmable LED indicator
  • Box header for UIC00A
  • UART connector
  • On/Off switch for main power
  • DC adaptor socket as power input
  • And all the necessities to eliminate users difficulty in using PIC
Users are able to utilize the function of PIC by directly plugging in the I/O connectors in whatever way that is convenient to user. This kit comes WITHOUT PIC microcontroller to give the freedom for user to choose any 18-pin PIC microcontroller.

Dimension: 13.3cm x 6.9cm
why i can't download schematic SK18B i bought 2 of this device to and i need to check how its connected when i try to download its giving me this message "We're sorry. You can't access this item because it is in violation of our Terms of Service" ( caster64, 01/06/2016 )

Sorry for the trouble, we have fixed the link, please try again.

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