24V 2600RPM 12.24kgfcm Electric Scooter Motor

24V 2600RPM 12.24kgfcm Electric Scooter Motor

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This is a powerful 24V DC brush motor that is used in electric scooter. With its 350W power and 2600RPM maximum speed, we are strongly believe that it can make your robot rocks! This motor comes with no gear reduction thus the starting torque may be lesser, however it can be overcome by pulling another bigger chain sprocket to enhance the starting torque. The motor comes with a 11 teeth sprocket (#25 chain size). 

This motor is very suitable for wheel chair and combat robots. It comes with foot mounting bracket to allow easy installation.

  • Operating Voltage: 24 VDC
  • Rated Speed: 2600RPM
  • Rated Torque: 1.2N.m
  • Rated Current: 18Amp
  • Rated Output Power: 350W
  • Motor Diameter: 101mm
  • Compatible motor driver:
  • Motor dimensions (w x l x h): 110mm x 110mm x 109.5mm, detailed drawing
  • Weight: ~ 2.364kg
Documentation and reference:
Let's see how powerful this motor can goes:
Motor Specification
Speed (RPM)2001 - 5000
Torque (kgf.cm)10.01 - 20.00
thanks for reply...one more question...before we control the motor using motor driver(MDD),
we use a RELAY first to do testing because we dont want motor driver to burns out... so which RELAY were suitable for to do testing?....we using terminal COM to control the motor but the RELAY burn out and only in base COM only that burns....the relay we use is the black one module and red one(4chnl)....so,which RELAY more suitable for to do the testing? #3weekmorePROJEK
( mohd.fakhrul, 19/02/2020 )
Hi, you may drop an email to support@cytron.io for technical assistance. Thanks :)
can u guys recommend which BATTERY is suitable for to get best out of this 24v dc motor ???? ( mohd.fakhrul, 26/01/2020 )
Hi, you may consider 2 pcs of 12V battery connecting in series. 
Boleh tahu size rantai untuk sprocket pada motor ni?
Rantai basikal sesuai ke atau ada special rantai?
( Ziri, 04/12/2018 )
Hi, The motor comes with an 11 teeth sprocket (#25 chain size). 

Salam, adakah motor ini sesuai untuk buat wheelchair, berat pesakit 80 kg.
( Pakcikjack, 31/07/2018 )
Waalaikumusalam..Kesesuaian bergantung kepada design wheelchair tu. Untuk maklumat lanjut boleh email kepada support@cytron.io. Terima kasih.
Hi, can I know this motor's wheel? Do you have one? Thank you ( Aiszzy Electronics, 19/01/2018 )
HI, we don't have a off the shelf wheel that can fit this motor.It depends on your need and then find a suitable wheel and customize it to fit this motor.
can this motor used to generate power of lawn mower blade ? ( jerry, 18/12/2017 )
Hi, thanks for your interest. This motor needs Operating Voltage of 24 VDC and its no Load Speed at 24V is ~3200RPM. If your blade fulfills this requirement you may consider using this. Thanks.
how much the torque of this motor? ( irfan, 02/11/2017 )
Hi, currently we don't have this information. We will update it once we get from the supplier. Thanks.
is the bracket provided? if not how to buy the motor bracket? ( saharul, 07/09/2017 )
Hi, Yes It comes with foot mounting bracket. Thanks
Dear Sir/Madam,

Is the XYD-6D-350 motor reversible by swapping the power cabel polarity?

Thank you
( Ferry, 10/08/2017 )
Hi, yes you can change the direction by changing the polarity of the cable. Thanks. :)
hi! your sprocket on the motor, i understand it can be removed - but your datasheet does not indicate the size of the shaft, can you advise size and extended length of the shaft so that i can fabricate a pulley to replace the sprocket. thx! ( bbb, 09/08/2017 )
Hi, currently we don't have information for that. We will forward your inquiry to the supplier, once they reply then we will update the information on the product page. For further questions, please visit to our technical forum as this session is only for short inquiry. Thanks.

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