-73% 28 Pins PIC Start-up Kit

28 Pins PIC Start-up Kit

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SK28A is new starter kit designed for 28-pin PIC which is support all 8-bit, 5V operated, 28-pin PDIP PIC. This board comes with basic element for user to begin project development. Microcontroller is not included. It offers plug and use features:
  • Industrial grade PCB.
  • Every board is being tested before it is shipped out.
  • Compact platform and breadboard-friendly
  • Suitable for hobbyists and expert.
  • Save development and soldering time.
  • No extra components required for the PIC to function.
  • All I/O pins nicely labeled to avoid mis-connection by users.
  • Breadboard-friendly 
  • PICkit2/3 port for loading program, or you can use UIC00B + UIC-A for program loading.
  • Suitable for PIC16F876A, PIC16F886, PIC18F252, PIC18F2520, PIC18F2550 and more...
SK28A comes with additional features:
What is the difference to this one? https://my.cytron.io/stock-clearances/p-breadboard-friendly-arduino-compatible?src=category ( Rosmah Mansor, 11/11/2019 )
Hi, for 28 Pins PIC Start-up Kit is PIC. For Breadboard Friendly (Arduino Compatible) is Arduino. Thanks :)
is there any start-up kit compatible with pic16f690? ( carmen, 08/06/2016 )

Ops, we do not carry any PIC Starter Kit for 20-pin PIC.

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DescriptionDate AddedSizeAction
User's Manual V1.0 May 201224/02/2020N/ADownload
16F876A SK28A Sample Code Jun1224/02/2020N/ADownload
18F2550 SK28A Example Code Jun1224/02/2020N/ADownload
PIC18F2550 USB Bootloader Firmware24/02/2020N/ADownload
HIDBootLoader Software24/02/2020N/ADownload
.NET Framework24/02/2020N/ADownload
Microchip Application Libraries24/02/2020N/ADownload
PICDEM FSUSB Demo Board User's Guide24/02/2020N/ADownload
Tutorial for SK28A24/02/2020N/ADownload
Fritzing File24/02/2020N/ADownload
Fritzing Tutorial24/02/2020N/ADownload
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