2A Stepper Motor Driver

2A Stepper Motor Driver

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SD02B is designed to drive unipolar or bipolar stepper motor. The board incorporates most of the components of the typical applications. With minimum interface, the board is ready to Plug and Play. Simply add in power and a few push buttons, this driver is ready to drive unipolar or bipolar stepper motor. SD02A will actually drive stepper motor in bipolar method. However, since unipolar stepper motor can also be used as bi-polar stepper motor, thus this driver can be used to drive both unipolar and bipolar stepper motor.

  • Support up to 1A per phase
  • Smoother stepper motor rotation with 10 micro-stepping feature
  • Able to drive stepper motor from 3V to 40V.
  • 8V to 24V compatible for driver circuit supply voltage
  • 5V logic level compatible inputs
  • Maximum speed up to ~20,000 steps per second or 20kHz pulses (also depends on stepper motor's performance)
  • Bi-directional control
  • Enable/Disable pin for low power consumption mode.
  • Fan heat sink for fast thermal release
  • UART baud rate and micro-stepping mode are saved in the non-volatile flash memory (Factory default is baud rate = 9600, micro-stepping mode = 10).
  • Now comes with UART interface for easier communication between the user’s circuit (or PC) and SD02B.
  • By using the new UART control, user can:
    • On/Off, Run/Brake and change motor’s rotation direction
    • Set motor speed
    • Request for encoder value
    • Track an encoder value and brake the motor
    • Set new baud rate for the driver
    • Sample source code for UART control is provided!
Dimension: 10cm x 6.2cm
How i want to control the rotation of stepper motor using the pulse pin in the Signal Input Pins Section?

( CY Ching, 11/12/2017 )
Hi, you may refer to SD02C User's Manual Section 5.2 Connecting to Microcontroller using Signal Input Pin. For further questions, please visit to our technical forum for similar question or post your question there, as this session is only for short inquiry. Thanks.
what's the difference between this driver with the 2Amp Motor Driver Shield ? I'm using the stepper motor. ( hafiz, 29/07/2015 )

Hi. There are some difference between 2Amp Motor driver shield and stepper motor driver. In term of hardware connection, if you are using Arduino board as main board, 2 Amp Motor driver shield requires less wire connection compared to stepper motor driver because it is stackable, whereas stepper motor driver requires extra wiring to Arduino board. In term of coding/programming, using stepper motor driver will be easier because it only requires UART Tx pin to control stepper motor. If you are using 2 Amp motor driver shield, it requires extra coding for stepping process of the stepper motor. If you futher inquiry you can contact support team at support@cytron.com.my or technical forum because this section is for short inquiry.

hi , i had purchased the stepper motor driver . When i give DIR signal "0" , the motor is spinning CCW and when i give DIR signal High "1" the motor rotates CW but only after increasing the pulse and speed to much greater value ( not same as in the datasheet ). Why ? The way the motor spin CW and CCW with same settings not same . I did check the motor wiring , when i press the "test" button on stepper driver the motor rotates CCW . ( bumaran, 23/11/2014 )


Most probably the wiring is reversed. You can try to swap pin 1 <-> pin 6, pin 2 <-> pin 5, pin 3 <-> pin 4. This should solve the direction issue.

How many stepper motor and SD02B do you have? If two different SD02B output different motor speed when the same pulse frequency (speed) is given, it may be due to the micro-stepping settings. You can change the micro-stepping mode using UART protocol as shown in user manual. Thank you.

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