30Amp 7V-35V SmartDrive DC Motor Driver (2 Channels)

30Amp 7V-35V SmartDrive DC Motor Driver (2 Channels)

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We know DC brushed motor is widely used for many different applications; from conveyor, AGV (Automated Guide Vehicle), mobile robot and combat robot. One of the reasons is the ease to use it, just connect the two terminals of motor to power respectively, it will start rotating, so simple. Yet, to control the speed and direction from a controller, a motor driver is needed.

This is SmartDriveDuo-30, with the ease of accepting the RC (Radio Control) signal to drive two DC brushed motors in independent or mix mode, it is perfect for combat robots. Not to forget it supports up to 80Amps of peak current (1 second) and 30Amps continuous current at each channel, best for medium power motor.

And with that, it is smart enough to accept the control signal from:

  • RC (Radio Control)
  • PWM of microcontroller
  • Analog voltage of Potentiometer/Variable Resistor/Joystick
  • UART data of microcontroller

The operation mode is determined by the configuration on DIP switch, please do refer the User's Manual for detailed settings. Not to forget, to make it RC receiver friendly, we have added 2x3header pin, with just 2 x RC extension cable(which is included), the wiring is done, it takes only 2 minutes! And by default, MDDS30 is configured in RC controller, Mixed control mode, even easier!

With MDDS30's wide operating voltage range, you can now series up two SLA battery to power your motor as it supports up to 35VDC input. And you only require one power input to operate the motor and driver. Don't worry, 3-cell and 6-cell Li-po battery are within the operating voltage :) Hey! It also comes with battery low voltage warning, what else do you need?

Which motor is good to be driven by MDDS30? As long as the motor:

  • Is DC Brush motor (Two Terminals)
  • Operating voltage from 7V to 35VDC
  • Rated Current <= 30A
  • Peak Current <= 80A

Example of suitable DC brush motor with MDDS30 (Not limited to):

Note: The new revision of MDDS30 (Rev 1.2) changes the 2x3 header pins from right-angle to straight-angle. It is an effort to strengthen the header pins from drop off.


  • Bi-directional control for dual brushed DC motor.
  • Support motor voltage from 7V to 35VDC.
  • Maximum current up to 80A peak (1 second), 30A continuous, each channel.
  • On board MOSFETs are switched at 18 kHz for quiet operation.
  • Regenerative Braking.
  • On board Error LEDs to indicate: (each channel)
    • Input Error (Blinks 2 times)
    • Under Voltage Warning (Blinks 3 times)
    • Over Voltage Protection (Blinks 4 times)
    • Over Temperature Protection (Blinks 5 times)
  • Thermal protection.
  • Current limit protection.
  • Multiple input modes:
    • RC (Radio Control)
    • Analog voltage from potentiometer/variable resistor/joystick
    • PWM and DIR (sign-magnitude and locked-antiphase) from microcontroller
    • Serial Simplified or Serial Packetized from microcontroller
  • GROVE compatible connectors for control input.
  • RC (Radio Control) friendly connectors.
  • On board push buttons for fast test and manual operation.
  • On board LED indicators for Error, RUN, Over-current, motor output, for each channel.
  • Dimension: 81.28mm(W) x 101.60mm (L) x 42mm (H)



Packing List:

Controlling SmartDriveDuo-30 MDDS30 using Analog Joystick with Analog Mixed Mode

Controlling SmartDriveDuo-30 MDDS30 using Arduino with PWM Independent Mode

Controlling SmartDriveDuo-30 MDDS30 using Pixhawk Controller. For detail, please refer to the forum thread here. Credit to Nikos Giannakopoulos.

Operating Condition
Compatible input3.3 and 5V
Motor Channel2
Operating Voltage (VDC)7 to 35
Peak Current (A)80
Continuous Current (A)30
Operating Modes
Arduino ShieldNO
PWM (Lock-Antiphase and Sign-Magnitude)YES
RC Servo SignalYES
Special Protection
Polarity ProtectionNO
Current / Thermal ProtectionYES
LEDs IndicatorYES
Test/Manual ButtonYES
Other Features
othersGroove Compatible
Controlling SmartDriveDuo-30 MDDS30 using Arduino with PWM Independent Mode

What is the expansion board used in the video?
( Wi Li Lim , 30/06/2020 )
Hi, you may refer to this link. Thanks :)

Can you tell me if you have this product with more than 2 channels? Because I need not only for two motors but for 2 motors and 2 actuators.

Thanks for answer.
( JB, 29/06/2020 )
Hi, no, we don't have. But you can use 2 units of MDDS30 for that purpose.Thanks :)
Hi, Can I use 24v 27.4amp two motor? ( John, 29/06/2020 )
Hi, yes you can do so. Thanks :)
in packetized mode, what will happen if main MCU off@reset@hang while the motor still move, the motor still move or will be stop if data didnt get from main MCU. this very important i need to know for safety TQ ( muhajir mustapa, 28/12/2019 )
In serial packetized mode, the motor will keep moving. You may try to use RC mode instead (With MCU mode OFF) for your application. In RC mode, if RC pulse is not received for more than 30millisecond, the motor will stop. Thanks :)
Looking for more explanation for the note "The RC transmitter must be ON before power up the SmartDriveDuo-30" in the manual under the RC (Radio Control) section. What is the consequence of not powering up SmartDriveDue-30 first? ( Dave, 24/10/2019 )
Hi! When the RC transmitter is off, output from the receiver is undeterminable. If the motor driver is turned on first, motor might run unexpectedly. Thanks :)
hi.. if this unit come with flyback current protection? or did i need to put some diode to prevent flyback current to give protection to this controller? ( Mohd khairil hadi Abdullah , 13/10/2019 )
The motor driver is using MOSFET H-Bridge which the flyback diode is already built in the MOSFET. No extra flyback diode is needed for this motor driver. Thanks :)
what is the fan pin out on smart drive duo 30 ??? cant find it anywhere ( bob, 16/06/2019 )

Hi, you may refer to this photo there is a motor connection

Can you use this in RC mode to control 2 motors but only for speed using only 1 channel? Similar to mixed mode but only using RC1 and no signal to RC 2. Thank you ( John, 09/05/2019 )
Hi, we're not really clear on what is your application. Maybe you can consider to try RC + independent mode. For more details, you can refer to the User's Manual. For further technical inquiry, you can post at Cytron Technical Forum. Thanks.
In Rev 1.10, you've removed MCU mode from the RC mode. Does this controller still stop the motors if it loses connection with the receiver like it would have in 1.00 with SW6 in 0? Thanks ( Mike, 11/04/2019 )
Yes it will stop when lose connection. RC mode have watchdog while RC-MCU don't have.
Hi, does this driver able to support 4 motors? also does it able to support Open Collector/Line Driver Pulse & Direction input from a PLC? ( KC, 04/03/2019 )
Hi, this motor driver support only 2 motors. For the other info I recommend you to post on our forum

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