3V-5.5V SR04P Ultrasonic Ranging Module

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    Ultrasonic Range finder has been very useful in many electronic projects. It is low cost and teaches us propagation of the sound wave, learning about science while completing your project :) While it is popular, the HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor is 5V operated, so it is difficult to be used with 3.3V systems like NodeMCU, Wemos, Raspberry pi, micro:bit, or 3.3V Arduino board. No more waiting, we bring you the 3.0V to 5.5V Ultrasonic Ranging Module (HC-SR04P).

    Note: No more resistor needed! You can directly connect this ultrasonic sensor to any compatible microcontroller.

    These ubiquitous sensors are really common in robotics projects, but they can also be used for automation, interactive art, and motion sensing. They work at about 2cm to 450cm(5V) or 400cm(3V) away, but we think 10cm-250cm will get you the best results. From the picture below, you can observe the difference between HC-SR04P and standard HC-SR04.

    This sensor is fast, fairly easy to use, and low cost. Unlike the more common HC-SR04 series, this model can be powered by 3V or 5V and the logic level will be the same. This makes the HC-SR04P model great for use with just about any microcontroller or microcomputer. Plus, this HC-SR04P is compatible with common HC-SR04 and uses the same library or code.

    Of course, you can also use with 5V systems such as Arduino UNO, Arduino Mini, and Maker UNO.

    Warranty Period: 12 months
    • Voltage: 3V - 5.5VDC
    • Current: 2.2mA
    • Measuring Range: 2cm - 450cm
    • Working Temperature: 0ºC to 70ºC
    • Compatible with HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sonar Distance Sensor
    • Properly labeled pin assignment
    • Arduino and Raspberry Pi compatible
    Packing List
    • 1 x 3V - 5.5V Ultrasonic Ranging Module
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