-97% 40 Pins dsPIC Start-Up Kit

40 Pins dsPIC Start-Up Kit

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SKds40A is designed to support Microchip  40-pin dsPIC MCU. It supports dsPIC30F3011, 4011, 3014, 4013. This starter kit come with the basic components for the dsPIC to execute program. It is ready to be plug and use :)

This kit is designed to offer:
  • ICSP connector for UIC00A /B-simple and fast method to load program.
  • Operating voltage: 5VDC.
  • Input voltage: 7 to 15VDC
  • Perfectly fit for 40 pins dsPIC (16-bit), NOT for 40-pins 8-bit PIC.
  • 2 x programmable switch.
  • 2 x programmable LED indicator.
  • Changeable Crystal - default 10MHz.
  • Existing pad for 16 x 2 characters LCD display.
  • UART connection to interface with other controller or even computer.
  • And all the necessities to eliminate users difficulty in using dsPIC
  • Users are able to utilize the function of dsPIC by directly plugging in the I/O components in whatever way that is convenient to user.
  • This kit comes WITHOUT dsPIC microcontroller to provide the freedom for user to choose dsPIC type. 
  • Sample Source code is provided for basic functions of LCD message display, LEDs control, reading switch and UART communication.
  • Sample code is being developed based on MPLAB C30 C Compiler.
This package come with Skds40A and 10MHz crystal, please look at the packing list in User's Manual for details.
Dimension: 102mm x 63mm

Demo Video:


Hi, are those turn pin pre-soldered? because I wish to solder wires. ( muhamad zaid bin jamal , 14/09/2018 )
Hi, the board comes in one pcs.
Hi. Is this compatible with dsPIC33FJ128MC802? ( Steven, 23/06/2016 )

Hi. It is designed to support dsPIC30F3011, dsPIC30F4011, dsPIC30F3014 and dsPIC30F4013. Thanks :)

I' ve wrongly bought 9 dsPIC start up kit. Supposely I need to bought the start up kit that can be used with PIC16f887.Is it I can do something or fix the kit to make it perfectly fit to PIC16f887 or any other solution..Tq ( Miss L, 26/03/2016 )

Hi, PIC16F887 is not compatible with SKDS40A in term of pin assignment and etc. For further assistance, kindly email support team at support@cytron.com.my. Thanks. :)

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