40Amp 10V-45V SmartDrive DC Motor Driver

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    After the success of MDS40A and with feedback from users, we have improved it and it is now Enhanced Smartdrive 40A.
    Enhanced SmartDrive40 is enhanced version of the MDS40A, it is designed to drive brushed DC motor, ranging from medium to high power motor with current capacity up to 80A peak and 40A continuously. The MOSFETs are switched at 16 KHz to ensure quiet operation and no annoying whining sound. Besides, it also equipped with a microcontroller unit to provide smart features such as multiple input modes, current limiting and thermal protection.
    Enhanced SmartDrive40 can also be hooked up with another similar unit and operates in pair. This make driving a robot with differential drive a truly plug and play experience.  
    This SmartDrive40 is also suitable to use in Combat/Rumble/Fighting Robot as it is able to drive starter motor and operate in RC (Radio Control) mode.

    * Please consider proper wire/cable for the battery and motor, thin jumper wire/cable is not suitable for high current application. It will affect the performance of driver and motor control. We recommend using Multicore Wire AWG14 Red and Multicore Wire AWG14 Black.


    Warranty Period: 12 months


    • Bi-directional control for a single brushed DC motor.
    • Support motor from 10V to 45V.
    • Regenerative Braking.
    • Maximum current up to 80A peak, reduce to 40A gradually according to temperature.
    • 16 KHz switching frequency for quiet operation.
    • NO Reverse polarity protection.
    • LiPo battery low voltage warning.
    • Thermal protection.
    • Current limiting base on temperature.
    • Multiple input modes: RC (Radio Control), Analog, PWM, Simplified Serial and Packetized Serial.
    • On board push button for manual operation.
    • Dimension:
      • 105mm (W) x 106mm(D) x 38mm(H) - Actual driver board
      • 125mm (W) x 107mm (D) x 47mm (H) - together with the base
    Enhanced Features:
    • Increased Vin range, upto 45VDC, so you can utilize more battery and control higher power motor.
    • Responsive current limiting sensor and algorithm to better protect the driver itself and also your motor.
    • High Ampere screw terminals for both battery and motor connection.
    • Additional terminal for activate or deactivate driver further cut off the power to motor driver, eliminating the need for high power switch.
    • Use switching power supply for 5V regulation, higher output current (5V) and improved efficiency.
    • Option to add fan for better heat dissipation, further increase maximum continuous current.
    • Ready header for RC receiver connection.
    • Protection of over voltage.
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