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The SN-IMU5D-LC is a low cost 5 DOF Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) which incorporates 2 x Gyro Sensor and a 3-Axis Accelerometer. This sensor is designed to keep the cost as low as possible without sacrificing the performance. Gyros and accelerometer with analog output are used to make interfacing easier. It also incorporates an low-noise amplifier to increase the sensitivity of the gyro sensor.

Note: Please do check out the schematic and datasheet of particular sensor under "Attachement" tab.

  • 5-DOF (Gyro: Pitch & Roll Rate, Accelerometer: X, Y Z).
  • Gyro: Murata ENC-03RC.
  • Accelerometer: Analog Devices ADXL335.
  • Powered by +5V with onboard 3.3V voltage regulator.
  • Analog output for all sensors.
  • Gyro Raw Sensitivity: 0.67mV/°/s
  • Gyro Full Scale Range: 300°/s
  • Onboard Amplifier for gyro output. Gain: 4.7x
  • Accelerometer Sensitivity: 300mV/g
  • Accelerometer Full Scale Range: +-3g
  • Dimension: 41.91mm(1650mil) x 27.94mm(1100mil)


Hi,what is the difference between X-rate 4.7(inv) and X-rate? ( Muhammad, 04/04/2018 )
Hi, X-rate 4.7 is referring to "Onboard Amplifier for gyro output. Gain: 4.7x". For further questions, please visit to our technical forum for similar question or post your question there, as this session is only for short inquiry. Thanks.
Is this Raspberry Pi 3 compatible? ( Wei En Wee, 21/11/2017 )
Hi, this sensor output is analog, you might need ADC converter IC to interface with Raspberry Pi. For further questions, please visit to our technical forum for similar question or post your question there, as this session is only for short inquiry. Thanks.
Hai, i am just bought the SN-IMU5D-LC, 5 DOF IMU recently and wish to get the datasheet for this board. However, the datasheet link seem like blocked by someone. ( lee jun xiong, 20/02/2016 )

Hi. You can download the datasheet under the "Attachment" tab here. The link has been fixed. If the problem still exist you can contact our support team. Thanks. :)

The dimension of the board is 17.94mm or 1100mil? The board dimension PDF shows that it is 1100mil, which is 27.94mm. Could this be a typo? ( Khoo Boon How, 04/12/2015 )

Hi. Sorry for the mistake. It should be 27.94mm. Thanks. :)

( myolux, 29/04/2015 )

Hi, please do give more information for our technical team by emailling them at support@cytron.com.my, thanks :)

how about the coding? is it same to other balanced robot coding? tq ( kebalfirdaus, 10/12/2014 )

Not really, It depends on the balancing robot, there are many possible sensors. You will need to study the code and the specification. If you have further inquiry, please do discuss in our technical forum as this section is for short inquiry, thanks :)

can anyone help me how to connect this sensor to arduino UNO and motor driver... ( kebalfirdaus, 03/12/2014 )

Connection would not be difficult, but using it will take some understanding and work. As the output of this sensor is analog, you can simply connect to Arduino UNO's analog input pins, which is A0 to A5, any pin would do the works. As for motor driver, you can use 2A motor shield which does not need manual interface, just stack it on to Arduino UNO. The part where you need to study and try is software, which combine the input signal of IMU and control the driver :)

Please do discuss in our technical forum where you can share more about what you really need and other members might be able to give suggestion. Thanks :)

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