8 Channel Servo Controller

8 Channel Servo Controller

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SC08A offers reliable yet user-friendly RC Servo motor controller to hobbyist and students. This SC08A can control 8 channels of servo simultaneously. The advantages of this SC08A over SC16A are user is able to deactivate any servo channel at any time and user can even set the initial position of any channel at the next start up. Each servo signal pin is able to generate servo pulses from 0.5 ms to 2.5 ms, which is greater than the range of most servos, further allows for servos to operate 180 degrees. SC08A comes with small size and different protocol compares to SC16A.Through serial communication, SC08A can be daisy chain in 2 boards to offer independent control over 16 RC servo motors simultaneously. The host of SC08A can either be a PC desktop/Laptop with USB to serial(UART) converter, or microcontroller with UART interface. UART interface present a flexible, fast and easy to use a feature.

It is designed with capabilities and features of:
  • 8 channels: Servo driven independently
  • Extendable to 16 Channels: Two controllers linked together to drive 16 servos
  • Optional Position Reporting: User may request position of an individual servo
  • Servo Activation for each channel: User may deactivate or activate any channel of servo
  • Independent Starting Position Command for each channel: User may set the initial position of any channel at the next start-up
  • Optional Servo Ramping: Choose one of 100 ramp rate for each servo
  • Resolution: 8000 steps = 0.25us
  • UART: 9600 baud rate
  • Servo pulse range: 0.5ms to 2.5ms
  • Dimension : 49mm x 46mm
  •  New! Free Sample GUI: User able to control the Servo Motors from Computer via USB to UART Converter.
SC08A protocol/command is different from SC16A, please refer to its user manual.

* The sample GUI is provided free, therefore no further support is provided. It has been tested on Window XP and Window 7.


hi, may I know the input voltage for the driver? does it take 12v 2.2A as input? does the board has a voltage regulator in it? ( scout junior, 21/02/2021 )
Not answered yet.
Can this servo communicate with Raspberry Pi 3B+? If it do, may i know the steps for it to connect? ( Iskandar 'Abqari , 16/08/2020 )
Hi, you may contact our technical team at support@cytron.io for technical assistance ya. Thanks :)
I have written some code in C and tested using a Raspberry Pi. I would need some help as for now I can't drive more than 1 servo at a time. I need to press JP2 to be able to control a different servo.
I am trying to register to Cytron forum but it is returning an error (HTTP 500). How can I use the forum?
( Cedric Rochefolle , 16/12/2019 )
Hi, we're sorry about that. You may drop an email to our support team support@cytron.io Thanks :)
I want to know , can it control a servo motor which run 3rd printer like project if yes can I get details of servo and attaching it with raspberry pi B + and a python code ( Abhishek, 06/06/2016 )

i guess the servo in 3D printer is not RC Servo. This controller is meant for RC (Radio Controlled) Servo.

Hi sir, Is there any Python code for control the SC08A with one 6v servo motor? Thnx in advance. ( Ronald, 01/04/2016 )

Hi,Sorry. Currently we do not have the sample code. Thanks. :)

Hey, I plan to get this module for my fyp. So my question is can I just use this servo controller , uart usb and gui converter without the micro controller and skd40c board to control servo motor ? ( Ganesh Haran Mogan, 02/09/2015 )

Hi, Yes. You also can refer to this tutorial as a reference.

Hello. I recently bought this driver for my final year project. I kindly wanted to know that is this driver compatible with raspberry pi B. If yes can you provide me some technical details or a technical link on how to make this driver connect with raspberry pi and program it using python to drive servos. Your earliest response is highly appreciated. thanks. ( Raheel Kasoo, 16/08/2015 )

Hi. Please do contact our support team at support@cytron.com.my.

In the Arduino code of this driver for position there is written some number like 7300... what angle does it correspond to? Like I want to move my servo from 50 degrees to 180 degress.. how do I alter the code accordingly ( zakia, 26/06/2015 )

You can read how RC Servo works in user manual under "Attachment" in page 5. 7300 written in the code is correspond to the position of the servo. Every servo has its own range for the position. For this the estimation range is from 0(0 degree) - 8000(180 degree). 

Hi, I've just bought SC08A and I'm planning to use it with Raspberry Pi 2 microcontroller. May I know is there any website that explains how to interface SC08A with Raspberry Pi 2? I need to simultaneously control the movement of eight (8) servo motors using the SC08A and Raspberry Pi... ( Kuhan Punaiyah, 28/05/2015 )


If you planning to use SC08A with the Raspberry Pi 2, you can use the UART port in Raspberry Pi to connect with the SC08A. Here attached with the tutorial to use UART in Raspberry Pi.

If you have further inquiry, please do discuss in our technical forum as there are more technical members and some may provide better suggestion.
Hi. I'm using this module with Arduino. By pressing TEST button, my servo moves around 120 degrees only. With the example coding, my servo only moves around 90 degrees between position 0 and 8000. How do I make it moves 180 degrees using this module? I'm able to make the servo sweep 180 degrees using Arduino Servo library. ( Shah, 06/04/2015 )

hi, which example code? Can you continue the discussion in our technical forum as this section is for short inquiry, thanks :)

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Sample Code SK40C+16F877A+SC08A Apr1426/11/2019N/ADownload
SC08A Sample GUI + Project File (VB 2010 Express) July 201226/11/2019N/ADownload
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