-11% Adapter 12V 2A (UK Plug)

Adapter 12V 2A (UK Plug)

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2.1mm DC Plug Extension Cable

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HL2527 DC Plug (2.1mm) (Black)

HL2527 DC Plug (2.1mm) (Black)

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  • Product Code: AD-12-2
  • Warranty Period: 12 months

Why do you need a AC to DC adapter? 

The AC to DC adapter transforms the alternate current (AC) input to direct current (DC) output. For this device, it will converts the main electricity (100V-240V AC) to 12 volts (DC) that you need. You can use this adapter to power up most of application that need 12V input, such as Arduino Uno, Arduino Mega, SK40C and etc. You definitely need one if you are building your own circuit with a 12V input!


  • Switching Adaptor
  • Model: CD-120200B
  • Plug type: UK or BS1363(type G)
  • Input: 100-240V ~ 50/60Hz 0.4A
  • Output: Regulated +12VDC 2A
  • Wire length 1meter, please get an extension cable if you need one.

May i know, this product has sirim certificate or not? ( alice, 13/09/2021 )
Hi, you may drop an email to support@cytron.io for further technical assistance. Thanks:)
kalau guna kat arduino uno boleh ke?
sebab saya pernah pakai yang 9v tapi voltage regulator terbakar
kalau 12v tak terbakar ke?

terima kasih
( Muhammad Akmal Syazwan Bin Abas , 01/06/2020 )
Boleh guna kerana Input Voltage (recommended) adalah 7-12V. Mungkin ada masalah dengan Arduino board yang digunakan atau terdapat connection yang salah. 
I supposed 2.1 mm inner diameter, can it fit 2.5mm? And is the outer diameter 5mm or 5.5mm? ( TH, 25/02/2018 )
Hi, the outer diameter is 5.0mm. Thanks
What is the header size? 5mm/2.1-2.5mm? ( TH, 25/02/2018 )
Hi, it is 2.1mm. Thanks.
Hi, can this adapter be used to supply the power for a CCTV camera as well as a 16 channels DVR? ( Ray, 23/12/2017 )
hi,  this item output is  Regulated +12VDC 2A. Thanks
What is the polarity of the barrel jack? Is it tip positive and sleeve negative? ( Sam, 12/11/2017 )
Hi, yes the tip is +ve and sleeve is -ve. Thanks.
Hi, can this power adapter supply to Cytron Stepper Motor Driver SD002B ? ( Yang, 31/10/2017 )
Hi, yes you can. For further questions, please visit to our technical forum for similar question or post your question there, as this session is only for short inquiry. Thanks.
Hi, Are those AD-12-2 comecwith sirim certificate approval? If yes, can you let me know what is the price for 40pcs and attach the certificate to jtasiatrading@gmail.com for JKR submission. Thank you. Jim 0163199391 ( Jim loo, 30/11/2016 )

Kindly email us at sales@cytron.com.my or jenny@cytron.com.my


Good day, This adapter can be the power source to arduino uno ?? ( choo, 01/11/2015 )

Yes, it can be the power source for Arduino UNO. The Arduino UNO can be powered from 7 to 15V from the DC jack.

Is this power adapter can be use for Beaglebone black board? ( Jessica, 28/10/2015 )

Hi. No, you can not use this adapter because you need to run the Beaglebone black board from 5V supply. Thanks. 

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