Adjustable Infrared Sensor Switch

Adjustable Infrared Sensor Switch

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Another great infrared sensor. This infrared sensor can be powered with 5V and detection distance can be adjust from 3cm to 80cm. NPN output. It can be used at automation machine, mobile robot for obstacle detecting. it is a non contact detection.
The implementations of modulated IR signal immune the sensor to the interferences caused by the normal light of a light bulb or the sun light.
  • Diffuse reflective type
  • Light source: Infrared
  • Sensing range: 3cm to 80cm (depends on obstacle surface)
  • Input voltage: 5VDC
  • Current consumption: 100mA
  • NPN output
  • Dimension: 1.7cm (D) x 4.3cm (L)
  • Cable length: 45cm
  • Red/brown wire: +5V
  • Green/blue wire: GND
  • Yellow/black wire: NPN output
I want to use this on the Raspberry PI. Voltage supply at 5V. What is the recommended value of the pull-up resistor for the NPN output?
( Chin, 06/08/2020 )
Hi, you may use 4.7k resistor, pull up to 3.3V. Thanks :)
Hi, can this sensor can detect flame outdoor? ( Basit Zaky , 05/10/2019 )
Hi! Yes, it can be used outdoor. Thanks :)
Does this sensor able to work in an outdoor environment with direct sunlight above? ( Daniel, 01/09/2019 )
HI, this sensor can work outdoor, but we havent test it with the long exposure in direct sunlight. 
what library do it use?
Hi, it is a digital input. You can use File>Example>02DIgital>Button
Is it can directly connected to espresso lite v2 or need voltage regulator? ( Nasri, 18/07/2018 )
HI, you can refer to this link for the tutorial and change the input to 3V if you are using espresso lite v2.
My sensor have black, blue and chocolate wire, so which wire is which? ( Fateh, 25/05/2018 )
Hi, brown = VCC, blue = GND, black = signal. Thanks.
Hi, when will receive new stock? ( Irfan, 28/02/2018 )
Hi, this item will be available in 2-3week. You may click on notify me button and we will update you the stock when we have it :)
What is the response time of this sensor ??? ( mohamed, 21/12/2016 )


The response time is 2ms. Thanks. =)

Hello, how to adjust the sensing distance? ( Khor, 28/11/2016 )


You can adjust it at the back by using test pen. 

hi cytron, This is suitable for robot sumo ( mikhael, 18/10/2016 )


Yes, sure. 

If you have further question, you can ask at our technical forum, as this session is only for short inquiry. Thanks. :)

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