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Line following is an important application in robotics. It is being used in AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) and allow robots to navigate and perform tasks. There are many type of line sensing method, if you use normal Infrared trasnmitter and receiver, it will be very troublesome to calibrate, right? Well, this very simple to calibrate line sensor might help you.

This Auto-calibrating line sensor is super easy to use. Comes with 5 pairs of IR transmitter and receiver. It can easily covers and detects line width of 1cm to 3cm, dark color or bright color. After power up, 1 press to the push button (at the side), it starts "scanning" the surface under it, calibrating the threshold between dark and bright. It takes just 4 to 5 seconds only. Once calibration is done, these settings are stored in internal non-volatile memory, it will still "recognize" the line even after power recylce (Off and On) again. The outputs are digital (0V or 5V) to indicate line detected or no line, so reading the line position is as simple as reading digital signal.

And for Arduino lovers, you can connect this sensor via Shield-2AMotor or Shield-3AMotor. Check out this video, building a line following robot:


  • 5V power, reserve polarity protected
  • 5 digital outputs representing logic of 5 IR sensor, represented with indicator each.
  • Sensor refresh rate at ~100Hz, each sensor.
  • Calibration button for easy of calibratiing sensor:
    • 1 press to start calibration
    • 2 press to toggle logic into Dark On mode, to sense dark line
    • 3 press to toggle logic into Bright On mode, to sense bright line
  • Combine with MC40A or for line following robot development
  • Arduino lover, checkout the new 2A motor shield or 3A motor shield, both come with socket for LSS05
  • Optional Breakout board to standard 0.1" pads, BB-2020-08H
  • Comes with 2 x 3mm mounting hole
  • Dimension: 28mm x 64mm



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Part 2 - Tutorial of Line Following Robot


User's Manual V1.2 Sept 2011
Q & A (16)
Hi cytron..May i know if i can order for the wire only?my sensor still working only the 2020 connector broken. ( nazri Hadi, 02/01/2019 )
Hi, we don't sell it separately. However, you may email to  
Hi. May I know if its posible to use two of this auto calibrating sensor unit? Will it make it more efficient on detecting black lines and manuvering throughout sharp turns. ( Fikri, 06/12/2018 )
Yes it is possible. Theoretically, it will be more efficient but it still depends on the design and coding. For more question please post on our forum as here is for short inquiry only. 
What is it's rated refresh rate or response time? ( Nour ElDin Shalaby, 06/11/2018 )
Hi, the refresh rate is 100Hz. You may refer to user manual for more info. 
I am trying to use this module with bluetooth serial connection, however I noticed that the module tend to write serials via bluetooth affecting my bytes, is there a way to disable it? ( Tze Hank Chia, 25/06/2018 )
Hi, please email We help you with details. :) your sensor able to mount o. The above robot? Or do I have to modify it. ( Mohamed Faisal, 09/05/2018 )
Hi, yes you can. However you might need extra PCB stand to adjust the height between sensor to floor. Thanks.
Hello! May I ask how much is this one in peso? ( Maria, 30/08/2017 )
Hi, currently our website only support for US$ for international currency. Thanks.
Hi cytron team. i live in thailand and interest in your product (lSS05) how to order? please advise. ( pattanapong, 17/05/2017 )
Hi, Thanks for your interest in our product. You can refer to this link on how to buy from us. 
i already have arduino uno and lss05. but i dont know how to connect both of them. can i get the guideline on how to connect uno and lss05. thanks for the help. ( haziq, 08/12/2016 )
Hi, you can go to our product page and click on the tutorial link provide below in the description. Thanks.
May i know what is the dimension of line sensor ? ( Wany, 30/09/2016 )
Hi, The dimension of this sensor is 64mm x 28mm.  If you have further question, you can ask at our technical forum, as this session is only for short inquiry. Thanks. :)
Is there any available Arduino library(s) for this sensor or library is not needed? ( Rizzo, 15/08/2016 )
Hi, the library is not needed for this sensor. You can just calibrate it by press the button. Here is the example video for you to refer. For further inquiry, kindly visit our technical forum as this session is only for short inquiry. Thanks.?

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