Best Seller Auto Plant Watering Kit for micro:bit (micro:bit V2 Included)

Auto Plant Watering Kit for micro:bit (micro:bit V2 Included)

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    Do you want to build an auto plant watering system but don’t know where to start?

    Or you are a teacher and wanted to help your students to build the auto plant watering system in the most effective way?

    Get the RBT Auto Plant Watering project kit now!

    This project kit comes with the new Maker Soil Moisture Sensor.

    A capacitive moisture sensor which measures the soil moisture level by changing the probe capacitance and does not erode the sensor probe easily.

    What can you learn from these lessons?

    The Lesson Guide is written in simple language and comes with a step-by-step guide to make an auto plant watering system.

    Download a PDF copy of the lesson guide by clicking the image or the wordings below for FREE. 

    Lesson Description

    Lesson 1 : Hello!

    • Introduction to micro:bit and MakeCode.

    Lesson 2 : What’s the Soil Moisture Level?

    • Display soil moisture level through micro:bit by using Maker Soil Moisture Sensor.

    Lesson 3 : Dry? Moist? Or Wet?

    • Monitor the soil moisture level and differentiate it between dry, moist and wet.

    Lesson 4 : Water the Plant

    • Turn on the water pump to water the plant when the soil is dry.

    Lesson 5 : Servo Motor, Direct the Pipe!

    • Control the direction of the water pipe by using a servo motor to water the plant thoroughly.

    Additional Activities: Visualize Soil Moisture Level, Music On

    • Plot a bar graph to show the soil moisture level and make the auto plant watering system to play melodies and sound notifications.


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