Breakout Board Micro SD

Breakout Board Micro SD

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* Starting from Dec 2014, BB-uSD is Rev2.0 which is 7-pin breakout board. It is more friendly for breadboard.

This nicely labelled microSD card breakout board works for 3.3V embedded system. The microSD socket is the Push-Push type with ejection mechanism, while the breakout board is designed to allow easy insert and remove of microSD card. Any 3.3V microcontroller can communicate with it using SPI interface. You may find examples for interfacing with mbed microcontroller.
MicroSD card is a cost effective option for storing up to gigabytes of non-valatile data. You can use it to store text, music, image and audio files. It serves as a good storage for your data-logging, music player and digital photo frame projects.
This product comes with microSD socket soldered on the PCB (without microSD card). Each of this microSD breakout board has been fully tested before check in to the stock.
Rev1.0 Dimension: 20.32mm X 33.782mm
Rev2.0Dimension: 18.2mm X 24.5m
Hi, my breakout board not working. Does the LED suppose to light up when I connect the board with 3.3v from arduino due and GND? :) ( Chin Kar Mun , 08/01/2018 )
Hi, this board does't have LED indicator. For further questions, please visit to our technical forum for similar question or post your question there, as this session is only for short inquiry. Thanks.
I follow this tutorial ( and purchased bb-usd. can u give me the source code for implementing usd using dspic30f4013? ( Jong Chia Sing, 15/03/2016 )

Hi. Sorry we do not have the sample code. Further inquiry, kindly visit our technical forum as this session is only for short inquiry. Thanks. :)

Dear sir/mdm Can this board be used for any arduino especially uno and tiny duino to cooperate with GPS logger? ( Azfar, 24/02/2016 )

Hi, Yes it can be used with any Arduino board. Thanks. :)

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SKPIC32 + BB-uSD Pins Connection 18/08/2020 90.21KB Download
SKPIC32 + BB-uSD Sample Code (MDDFS) 18/08/2020 1.24MB Download
BB-USD Schematic 18/08/2020 8.95KB Download
MBed SD Card File System 18/08/2020 N/A Download
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