CM4 Maker Board & Kits : Maker’s Carrier Board for Raspberry Pi CM4

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  • CM4 Maker board ONLY
  • CM4 Maker Board + CM4W28 + Accessories
  • CM4 Maker Board + CM4NW216 + Accessories
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Seeking for the ideal carrier board for your Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 (CM4)? Introducing the CM4 Maker Board.


Optional: Raspberry Pi CM4 board & coin cell battery.


What is the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4?

Compute Module 4 is officially launched on 19th October 2020, and there are 32 variants of the module to choose from.

The Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 (CM4) and Compute Module 4 Lite (CM4Lite) are loosely based on the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B. The CM4 has an option for cost-sensitive applications to be supplied without the eMMC fitted; this version is called the CM4Lite. The form factor of the new CM4 and CM4L is different from previous Compute modules, which have all shared a form factor. The change is due to the addition of new interfaces; a second HDMI, PCIe, and Ethernet. The addition of these new interfaces, especially PCIe, would not have been possible while preserving the older form factor. Instead, the electrical interface of the CM4 is via two 100-pin high-density connectors. While the switch to a newer form factor has allowed a reduction in the footprint. The total footprint of the CM4, including the socket, is smaller with the new form factor design.


A review from influencer, Jeff Geerling, on our CM4 Maker Board. We are honoured to be mentioned as one of the best of CM4 (2023) in the video :D, Cheers!
Warranty Period: 12 months

What's on the Board?

  • 10x GPIO LED
  • 1x microSD Card Slot
  • 1x CSI Camera Port
  • 1x DSI Display Port
  • 5x Grove Ports
    • 2x GPIO Ports (GPIO 5, 6 & 23, 24)
    • 1x PWM Port (GPIO 12, 13)
    • 1x UART Port (GPIO 14, 15)
    • 1x I2C Port (GPIO 2, 3)
  • 1x Maker Port (JST-SH 4-Ways Connector)
  • 3x User Buttons
  • 1x Analog Audio Out
  • 1x Piezo Buzzer
  • 1x Buzzer Mute Switch
  • 2x Power Buttons
  • 1x RTC Battery Holder
  • 1x PCF85063A RTC 
    (Note: DSI & CSI are prohibited when using RTC)
  • 1x External Power Button Header
  • 1x Boot Switch
  • 1x M.2 Connector
  • 2x M.2 Mounting Hole
  • 1x USB-C
  • 1x HDMI
  • 4x USB 2.0 Host
  • 1x Gigabit Ethernet
  • 1x CM4 Socket
  • GPIOs Breakout
  • 1x DC Power Jack
  • 4x Status LEDs






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Packing List

There are 4 options to choose from:

CM4 Maker Board

CM4 Maker Board with
+ CM4W28
+ Accessories

CM4 Maker Board with
+ CM4NW216
+ Accessories



CM4 Maker Board ONLY

  • 1x CM4 Maker Board
  • 4x Silicone Bumper


CM4 Maker Board + CM4W28 + Accessories


CM4 Maker Board + CM4NW216 + Accessories

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