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Cube Servo

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G15 Cube Servo is a modular smart serial servo which incorporates gear reducer, precision high torque DC motor and control circuitry with networking functionality. It is made with high quality engineering plastic to provide high necessary strength and is able to  sustain high external force up to 15 holding torque.  G15 provides 360⁰ endless electrical rotation by using potentiometer to lead itself to solve some application such as to motorize a mobile robot. G15 also has LED indicator to show the status of the servo.

The unique cubical design of G15 gives the highest flexibilty in robotics model construction. By incorporating slidable slots and latches, G15 are able to eliminate the screws and nuts during the construction. This patented joining method enable user to connect a G15 to another G15 even easier and faster without any single screw.

The robotic servo has never been this flexible before its existence.

  • Modular type robotic servo
  • Cubical outlook and center output shaft to give highest flexibility during robotic model construction
  • Five slide-able slots in different orientation
  • Screw-less mounting method 
  • 360⁰ endless electrical rotation (1088 steps)
  • Daisy chain connection wiring among the G15 cube servos (each G15 cube servo has its own unique ID)
  • Serial communication, Half-duplex Asynchronous (max speed up to 500k bps), TTL level, command packet
  • Rotation speed or time to reach the desired position can be set
  • Able to feedback its angular position, angular speed, current load, temperature and supply voltage
  • Auto shutdown if overload, supply voltage error or high temperature is detected (user define the value)
  • LED indicator to shows the status of the servo
  • Built-in microcontroller built-in to handle all controls
  • Origin: Malaysia
  • Voltage:  6.5 - 17.8VDC
  • Holding Torque: (at 12V)
  • Rated Torque: (at 12V)
  • Speed:  63RPM (no load at 12V)
  • Gear ratio: 194:1
  • Current:1.5A (max. at 12V)
  • Weight:  63g
  • Degree of ratation: 360⁰ continuous
  • Communication: Half Duplex Serial
  • RoHS Compliant: Yes
Package come with:
  • Cube Servo x 1
  • Inter Connect for G15 x 1
  • External Joint for G15 x 2



Hi, mat I know wich material used to make the gear? I've found every information but that. Thank you. ( Tristan , 19/02/2019 )
Hi, the gear made from high quality engineering plastic.
Hi. Can this servo be programmed using phyton (raspberry), matlab, or labview instead of Arduino? ( Tiz, 17/04/2018 )
Hi, all you mention is software. What should you know is hardware compatible. Yes it can be controlled using Raspberry Pi/Arduino. If there have servo library for all software as you mentioned, yes it is compatible. For further questions, please visit to our technical forum for similar question or post your question there, as this session is only for short inquiry. Thanks.
May I know when this will restock..TQ.
( Synacorp Trading & Services ., 26/02/2018 )
Hi, this item will be available in 3-4week. You may click on notify me button and we will send you an email notification if we restock it early.Thanks.
After reading the manual, it isn't clear to me whether it is able to do say 720 degrees or anything more than 360 degrees. If I were to set 359 degrees and then set 1 degree will it move forward CW to 1 degree or will it move CCW to 1 degree? Is the code able to do anything more than 360 degree? ( TWC, 25/07/2016 )

There are command that can be send to the cube servo to set servo rotation whether clockwise or anticlockwise. For more detail, your can read about it in manual at page number 27 ( Direction Positioning Mode) For further inquiry, kindly visit our technical forum as this session is only for short inquiry. Thanks.smiley 

Can this servo motor can withstand with 10kg robot in hanging. Coz im doing hanging robot and make it to move thru pole from point A to point B. Can you explain ? thanks ( Akmal, 07/04/2016 )

Hi. It is depend to your mechanism design and etc. Holding Torque (at 12V) and Rated Torque is (at 12V). Further inquiry, kindly visit our technical forum as this session is only for short inquiry. Thanks. :)

Is there any other way to reset this servo? Hard reset? My servo no longer communicate with any predefined baudrate. ( Niz, 18/02/2016 )

Hi, You can refer user manual on factory reset. You can also check out this tutorial as reference. If it is still not working you can fill online warranty form here for warranty. Thanks. :)

The cube servo is not moving with any of the example code. The red light on the servo itself just keeps flashing. I am new to coding and do not know how to so I am trying to learn from the examples in the g15 library. My ultimate goal is to have a rotary encoder move proportionally to the servo. ( Quinn, 09/11/2015 )

Hi, it might be insufficient power to the servo. What is the power supply used? Battery? Adpater? Do check the voltage. BTW, please do continue the discussion in our technical forum with more information such as photos and code, as this section is for short inquiry, thanks :)

Hi, is it possible to control with CIKU board? for the driver, only one motor is allow for 1 board? ( Chuah, 19/10/2015 )

Hi Yes it is possible. You can download CIKU library here. Thanks. :)

You can have the 3d drawings of the motor? Is possible to have it? ( Claudio, 25/03/2015 )

Yes, it is released at rero website, under support-> download. Please visit it here.

I'm using GD02 Rev1.0 it doesn't have switch but im using it without the SK40C is that ok and does it work even without it ?? im using 20 MHz oscillator ( Mohd, 25/03/2015 )

Hi, the sample code is being tested with SK40C and PIC16F887, it is working. You may need to check the connection. If you have further inquiry, please do discuss in our technical forum as this section is for short inquiry, thanks :)

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