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Cytron ARM Cortex M0

Cytron ARM Cortex M0

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The 1st Arduino/Genuino UNO compatible 32-bit ARM Cortex-M0 running at 5V, fully shield compatible!
Yes, ARM is quite famous architecture, it almost consume entire smart phone market. Most of the smart phone you have is ARM based. And now, ARM has also invade the microcontroller sector :) With the 32-bit ARM processor and higher processing speed, not to forget the rich peripherals, this ARM Cortex-M0 microcontroller offer 6X the power of 8-bit microcontroller, if we compare to Arduino UNO which uses Atmega328P running at 16MHz.
We are excited about ARM microcontroller too and we are working hard to integrate it into Arduino Ecosystem. Now it is ready, and we would like you to try it! We have developed the libraries and the json files to include everything you need into Arduino IDE. Nevertheless, it still needs more developers and lovers to nurture it :) So if you are familiar with Arduino and ARM, please grab one, kick-start it and work with us to grow the community.
This is CT-ARM, an Arduino UNO R3 compatible 32-bit ARM Cortex-M0 microcontroller board. It is compatible with Genunio UNO R3.
**Starting from 14/5/2018, board package URL is changed to https://cytrontechnologies.github.io/package_cytron_index.json, please take note.
Features and Specs:
  • Microcontroller: NUC131LD2AE (32-bit ARM Cortex-M0)
  • Operating voltage: 5VDC (We seldom see ARM microcontroller with 5V powered)
  • In the form of Arduino UNO R3
  • Flash size (program memory): 64KB
  • SRAM size: 8KB
  • Digital IO: 20
  • Analog input (ADC): 6
  • PWM: 16
  • External Interrupts: 10
  • UART: 5 + 1 (bottom of the board)
  • Clock Speed: 50MHz
  • Compatible in Arduino IDE (download the json file via Boards Manager)
  • We have completed the fundamental Arduino Library for it (Require Developer to verify)
  • USB MicroB receptor, utilize the Android phone cable :)

Comparison between Arduino UNO/ZERO/ARM:


Light Dancing with Music

For full description please visit our tutorial at http://tutorial.cytron.com.my/2016/10/31/light-dancing-with-music/

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is it compatibble with ethernet shield? ( AHMAD RIDHWAN MOHD KAMIL , 07/05/2020 )
Hi, we could not promise that. But, you drop an email to support@cytron.io for technical assistance. Our team will reply to you as soon as possible. Thanks :)
How does this board compared to STM32? also teensy board? Pls make a comparison sheet ( Lim Chee Hoe, 31/10/2019 )
Hi, you may refer to this link. Thanks :)
can i use the same coding on arduino uno to this microcontroller? ( luqman, 19/09/2019 )
Hi, yes you can but there is some function you need to modify the pin. If you search for low-cost Arduino, you may consider Maker UNO
Where are the drivers for this board? I'm getting error "failed to communicate with chip"? ( Aaron, 29/01/2019 )

Hi, you may refer to this link https://cytrontechnologies.github.io/package_cytron_index.json

Hi, does this board support Mbed OS ? ( NT, 24/04/2018 )
Hi, sorry, we're not familiar with Mbed OS, thus we're not sure about it. Maybe you can try? Thanks.
Nowadays, SIMULINK can now be used to program Arduino and it is getting more and more preferable. Is it possible to use SIMULINK for Cytron M0 too? ( JS, 03/11/2017 )
Hi, for now it is not support yet. For further questions, please visit to our technical forum as this session is only for short inquiry related to the product. Thanks.
please change the link for board manger URL in user manual, it return 404 error.
the correct link is:

the link is from: http://tutorial.cytron.com.my/2016/02/15/ct-arm-beta-test/
( ahmad, 16/06/2017 )
Hi, thanks for your feedback. We already update it. Thanks :)
Hi at the moment the Ct-ARM can only programmed in Arduino IDE ? Does it supports Keil IDE ? ( Raj, 03/05/2017 )
Yes its support Keil IDE. However we don't have the documentation right now.
I need to obtain a schematic of the cytron arm cortex M0 board. I need to know which arduino pins connect to the arm processor. ( scott almburg, 02/12/2016 )


You can take a look at this tutorial. We have provided the image that shows where it's connected.

Hi, may I know how much of the compatibility of CT-ARM to Arduino in terms of the library? Is it possible to interface the CT-ARM with nRF24L01 using the Arduino library? Thanks ( Lee, 30/09/2016 )


Yes, it is compatible. Arduino library for nRF24L01 can be applied to CT-ARM. For more inquires, you can visit our technical forum. Thanks. :)

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Fritzing File 18/02/2020 N/A Download
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