Cytron G15 Shield

Cytron G15 Shield

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*Starting from May 15, Shield-G15 is shipped in Rev2.0. Please refer to Rev2.0 User's Manual.
Cytron G15 Shield is a shield for controlling Cytron’s G15 Cube Servo and Robotis Dynamixel AX-12 (removed in Rev2.0) servo motor. It is compatible with CT-UNOArduino UNO, Arduino Duemilanove, Arduino Mega, Arduino Leonardo and possibly other pin compatible main boards. This shield has two four ports for Cytron’s G15 Cube Servo and two ports for Robotis’ Dynamixel AX-12 servo. G15 is serial servo. Hence more than one servo can be daisy-chained in series. User may choose to supply the servo motor from Arduino's VIN or the External Power port of Cytron G15 Shield. It also has stackable side headers which allows other Arduino shields to be stacked on top of it.
We have developed the library and example sketch for G15.

* For Rev1.0, please disconnect G15 from the shield during program loading (Arduin UNO or Mega) as the G15 will receive Arduino program too.
* For Rev2.0, please use software serial pin (D2, D3, D8, D9, D10, D11) when load program into Arduino.
Rev 1.0
Rev 2.0
2 x G15 ports, 2 x AX12 Ports
4 x G15 Ports
(AX12 Ports has been replaced by G15 Ports)
Control pin:(selectable using mini jumper)
1) D3, D9 - G15 Control pin
2) D2, D8- AX12 Control pin
Control pin:(Selectable using mini jumper)
D2, D8 - G15 Control pin
Hardware Serial :
D0 (Rx), D1 (Tx)
Hardware Serial :
D0 (Rx), D1 (Tx)
Software Serial:
Tx: D3, D9, D11 
Rx: D2, D8, D10 
Cytron G15 Shield comes with:
  • Arduino reset button
  • 2 4 x G15 Cube Servo ports.
  • 2 x AX-12 Dynamixel AX12 servo ports (Rev2.0 does not come with Dynamixel port).
  • External power port for servo with polarity protection
  • Stackable I/O header pin
  • Selectable digital pins for the control pin with mini jumpers
  • TX and RX indicator LEDs to show communication activities, only on Rev2.0.
  • Selectable Serial pins, Either hardware serial or software serial via mini jumpers, only on Rev2.0 
  • 2 LEDs as logic and servo power indicators
hi. this shield have 4 g15 ports right? Can i connect it to 6 servos? using daisy chained concept? thank you. ( toma, 15/05/2018 )
Hi, yes you can do that with G15 Cube Servo. Thanks.
Can you please tell me which IC is used in Shield-G15 Rev2.0. Thanks. ( charan, 15/09/2016 )


We are not using any IC and we just use buffer to on and off.

If you have further question, you can ask at our technical forum, as this session is only for short inquiry. Thanks. smiley??

It was connected to USB serial and SHIELDG15 Why does sending the TX send packet but not come back the return packet? CTRL terminal Hi or Lo can be changed in the packet? SHILD-G15(Rev2.0) or GD02 UC00A(USB) WIN8.1 ( shin, 08/10/2015 )

Sorry,the question is a little bit unclear. Anyway, we have provide Arduino sample code and library that can be downloaded here. If you have any further inquiry, you can discuss in our technical forum/Facebook group as this session is only for short inquiry. Thanks :)

i needed this shield .. when the stock will ready ? soon ?? thank you. ( zuha, 15/05/2015 )

Hi, it will ready in 1 week time.

If I am using Arduino Uno and the G15 shield with G15 only (Not AX12), which pins of Arduino that i used up, so that I can rearrange the pins. And in the datasheet that you provides, it says the shield uses half-duplex communication? Is it mean only the hardware TX pin is used or RX pin is used? ( Rickman, 31/03/2015 )

The half duplex is just for the communication with the G15, there is a buffer circuit to change the Tx, Rx from your Arduino into the half duplex single wire communication protocol.

For G15 only, 3 IO pins will be used: Tx, Rx and Control (D3 or D9).

when will the stock be available ( Raheel Kasoo, 08/03/2015 )



G15 Shield will be ready after 1 week. Thanks.

the downloaded example code is not matching with tutorial one. when i try using example code there, my g15 cube motor is not moving. how to fix this problem? ( seato, 05/02/2015 )

Hi, please continue the discuss in our technical forum where you can point to us exactly which sample code and share with us your hardware setup :)

can i use the g15 servo without this shield ? or i need to use o=it if not i not able to control the g15 servo ? ( nadhir, 31/12/2014 )

It depends on how you want to use it and how fast :) You can still control G15 by doing your own hardware interface, please do refer to the User's Manual of G15. If you have further inquiry, please do discuss in our technical forum as this section is for short inquiry, thanks :)

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Rev1.0 User's Manual Oct 201219/02/2020N/ADownload
Rev2.0 User's Manual April1519/02/2020N/ADownload
G15 Shield Arduino Library Reference (Rev 1.0)19/02/2020N/ADownload
G15 Shield Arduino Library Reference (Rev 2.0)19/02/2020N/ADownload
G15 Shield Arduino Library & Example Code (Rev 1.0)19/02/2020N/ADownload
G15 Shield Arduino Library & Example Code (Rev 2.0)19/02/2020N/ADownload
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