Cytron MP3 Shield

Cytron MP3 Shield

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Cytron MP3 Shield (SHIELD-MP3) is an Arduino compatible shield which is compatible with Arduino UNO, Arduino Duemilanove, Arduino Mega, Arduino Leonardo and possibly other pin compatible main boards. Cytron MP3 Shield offers high quality audio solution with the ability to decode and play MP3 audio files from microSD card.

Cytron MP3 Shield has stackable side headers which allows more Arduino shield to be stacked on top of it. User can stack for example LCD Keypad Shield (SHIELD-LCD) or Graphic LCD Shield (SHIELD-GLCD) control panel of the MP3 Shield. It has the in board mircoSD socket for the user to directly plug in a microSD card to for the storage of MP3 files. Cytron MP3 Shield has also on board 2 channel differential amplifier for direct drive of external loud speakers.

  • 5V powered.
  • On board high quality MP3 decoder.
  • On board high quality 24 bits audio DAC.
  • On board dual channel/Stereo 3W differential audio amplifier for external speaker
  • On board stereo 3.5mm audio jack socket for earphones.
  • On board microSD socket  for MP3 audio files storage.
  • 3.3V and 5V signal compatible with on board 5V to 3.3V level  translator.
  • A MicroSD status LED.
  • Jumper selectors to select different  Control pins.
  • External header pin pad for other microcontrollers.
  • Stackable side headers.
  •  Dimension: 68.58mm x 53.34mm
References and Documents:
Demo vidoe of MP3 shield with 8 ohm speaker:
Can I stack the Mp3 shield with the PS2 Shield? ( Chris, 07/08/2017 )
Hi, sorry this product is already discontinued. For further questions, please visit to our technical forum as this session is only for short inquiry. Thanks.
I tried to power the arduino and the mp3 shield with a 9V battery, but the speakers do not produce sound. When it is power by usb and computer, all is fine. Can you help me to power it so I can use it a mobile way? ( Martin, 05/12/2016 )


I'm not sure on how did you connect the power. But if you do connect with 9V i do not think that it will support. Speaker consume a lot of voltage. Thanks. =)

can the mp3 shield support gps shield?? ( kim, 09/02/2016 )

Hi, Did you mean this GPS Shield? Yes, it is possible. Note that, MP3 shield will use pin 10 and 11 for SD card and another 2 pins for TX and RX. For example you choose pin 2 and 3 for TX and RX of MP3 shield ,you can use only hardware serial pin or pin 8 and 9 for GPS shield. For further inquiry, kindly visit our technical forum as this session is only for short inquiry. Thanks. :)

Is it possible to have the shield play a random MP3 file from a directory? Or at least get the number of MP3 files in a directory and use that to randomly pick one? ( Kelly, 01/12/2015 )

Yes, it is possible. For further inquiry, you can visit our technical forum as this session is only for short inquiry. Thanks. :)

What means by this coding? WARNING: Category 'Audio' in library MP3Player is not valid. Setting to 'Uncategorized' ( marrie, 25/11/2015 )

Hi, It is just because of the library properties. You can ignore this Warning. The coding still can be used. Thanks. :)

Hi, I use sound sensor at arduino. Its that possible, I use this shield to produce sound when the sound sensor reach at the certain decibel? ( marrie, 17/11/2015 )

Hi, it is possible. Note that MP3 shield is designed to play MP3 file, if you want to produce simple sound you also can use buzzer as indicator. If you have further inquiry, please do continue the discussion in our technical forum as this session is only for short inquiry. Thanks. :)

Every time the mp3 player starts to play a file it makes a popping noise. Is there a way to overcome this? ( Matt, 08/07/2015 )

Yup, due to the MP3 decoder, it will start with some noise. But it might be able to get rip of the noise from the software configuration, you are welcome to try it out. The library is open for modification.

Is there a way to play a song while having the rest of the sketch keep running? I want my led's to do something while the music is playing but the sketch just stops on the playerone.Play() function until the mp3 file is finished playing. ( Matt, 15/05/2015 )

Not possible. The MP3 files on SD is read by the Arduino and Arduino further send to the MP3 decoder to produce the song out. Any interrupt of reading file program will introduce pause to the playing of MP3 song.

When trying to compile the example sketch with the UNO I always get an out of memory error. Global variables use 256% How do I get this board to work with uno? ( Matt, 10/05/2015 )

Can you share which example sketch and Arduino IDE version with our technical team? All the sketch is being compiled and tested before it is released :) Maybe is the different version of Arduino IDE that causes the error message. Please send an email with information to our team at

I've hooked up this shield to Arduino Mega with 4 ohm speaker and notice there's some interruption during the playback like a pulse that make the sound mute. Is that a ground loop effect and how could I overcome this? ( Baharum, 27/04/2015 )

Please do share your code in our technical forum as this section is for short inquiry, thanks :)

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