Donut Board (Small) 6x15cm

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    You will need it if you are working on more solid prototyping after making an early working circuitry on a solderless breadboard.  The prototyping donut board offers more solid/rugged prototyping where the components are going to be soldered onto the board. This board is in brown color with Paper Phenolic as the PCB material, and each hole or solder pad (at the bottom of PCB) is independent. The reason we called it "Donut" is because the shape of the soldering holes or pads at the bottom of PCB are like donuts. Giving you the freedom to route the circuitry yourself.

    • Donut board (individual copper per hole)
    • Spacing (Hole to hole distance): 100mil or 2.54mm
    • Material: Paper Pheonolic
    • Number of holes: 44 columns x 24 rows, 1056 Holes.
    • All holes are plated through, for through-hole component
    • Dimension: 6cm x 15cm
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    • 1 x Donut Board (Small) 6x15cm

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