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Fingerprint Reader Integrated SM630

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This is another fingerprint verification module. It consists of optical fingerprint sensor, high performance DSP processor and Flash. It boasts of functions such as fingerprint login, fingerprint deletion, fingerprint verification, fingerprint upload, fingerprint download,etc.

  • Self-proprietary Intellectual Property
  • Easy to Use and Expand, UART TTL 57600bps
  • Low Power Consumption, <80mA
  • Integrated Design, unlike SN-FPR-UART, the fingerprint processing components and fingerprint collection components are integrated into the same module. Thus, become smaller and convenient.
  • More storage capacity, 768 templates.
  • Testing GUI provided, plug and use with UC00A (not included)
  1. Interfacing Fingerprint Reader Integrated SM630 with Arduino Uno
  2. Fingerprint Reader Integrated SM630 with SM630 PC Demo GUI
  3. Attendance Record System with SM630 on Arduino
  4. Getting Started with Fingerprint Sensor Integrated SM630
I want to ask if this is compatible with arduino uno ( caitlyn, 09/07/2020 )
Yes, it is compatible with Arduino Uno. Thanks :)
Is it waterproof?? ( Nazirah, 06/03/2019 )
Hi, sorry it is not waterproof. 
When will it be back in stock? ( E.Khalid, 29/08/2018 )
Hi, this item will available next week. Kindly click on notify me button and we will send you an email notification once we have stock :)
hi, i am doing a project for finger print lock. May i know how to utilize this sensor to run a servo ? can you share the code with me ? ( Remy, 08/05/2016 )

Hi. We do not have the sample code. Further inquiry, kindly visit our technical forum as this session is only for short inquiry. Thanks :)

Hello. I'm doing some project that required the fingerprint scanner to integrate with my Visual Basic application. I was wondering, does this device can be integrated with Microsoft Visual Basic? I'm new with this so it's very helpful for some advise. ( Luqman Hakim, 05/12/2015 )

Hi. Yes it is possible. Please do visit our technical forum for more inquiry as this session is only for short inquiry. Thanks. :)

Hai. i want to ask, can this fingerprint scanner use with altera de1-soc board? can suggest to me with fingerprint can use with altera de1-soc. tq ( ahmad, 19/11/2015 )

Hi, This fingerprint Reader use UART to communicate. You need to know whether the altera de1-soc board can carry UART function or not.  If you have further inquiry, please do continue the discussion in our technical forumfacebook group as this session is only for short inquiry. Thanks. :)

can i send fingerprint byte after adding to another arduino using i2c communication to compare it? ( james, 31/05/2015 )

You can communicate with more Arduino's to send command among them using i2c.i2c sends information serially using one line for data (SDA) and one line for clock(SCL).

Can you give more information about the project? It will be better if you can share in our technical forum too since there will be more technical member and some may provide you with better suggestions.


I want to ask. I want to use this reader connect with arduino and link with database. Do i need to use any usb to uart converter? ( Ahmad Fahmy, 26/03/2015 )

Nope. You can directly communicate with the Finger Print Reader via UART from the Arduino.

USB to UART converter is only needed if you want to interface the finger print scanner to a computer.

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