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ICSP Universal Socket

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Description: UIC-A (Universal ICSP Adapter) is designed as a programmer’s output socket adapter which are compatible to Cytron UIC00 programmer, Microchip PICkit programmer and Microchip In Circuit Debugger. Each of them has their own standard connection. To ease user, Cytron has created this UIC-A so that user can use any programmer regardless of the development board. For example, a development board which uses PICkit2’s socket standard, which is 6 way header pins can be programmed with UIC000B by using the UIC-A!

PCB Dimension: 3.2cm x 3.2 cm
Hello, I want to know if one of the ports can support RJ11 / RJ12 or RJ45. Is it an input signal? Or an output signal? Because I want to control the Lego EV3 instead of the cable of the Lego EV3 ( Steven, 07/12/2019 )
Hi, that connector is just an extension, not input or output. Thanks :)
I bought this socket from you and used it to connect and ICD3 unit to an ICSP programmer socket UIC-S (with a PIC on it). I connected the ICD3 unit to my laptop and from the MPLAB IDE I selected the MPLAB ICD3 as the programmer. MPLAB detected the ICD3 unit but did not detect the target device. The error message is - "You must connect to a target device to use MPLAB ICD 3". Can you please help me with this problem? Thank you. ( PC Mok, 20/11/2014 )


Please make sure you have selected to power the target device from the ICD3.

This can be done under the programmer settings of the MPLAB IDE.

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