IFC - Brush Motor Card

IFC - Brush Motor Card

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Controlling DC brush motor will be very easy and fun! Use a MD15A card.

Description: Brush motor is a popular actuator for mobile robot and mechanical parts. However, controlling brush motor might be a headache especially when it comes to speed control. Brush motor card offers hardware and software ready control for high ampere brush motor up to 15A. This card is sold fix 12V. User may change the soldering to offer 24V power for motor. Reverse voltage protection and speed control through PWM signals are readily built in. This card also comes with additional port for rotary encoder. User friendly program functions enable simple and fast development.


  • 1 motor port with maximum 15A continuous.
  • 1 rotary encoder port (16-bit counter up to 65,535 pulses)
  • Selectable power source.
  • Motor power status LED.
  • 6V to 24V operation to drive brush motor, default 12V.
  • Capable of controlling brush motor for start, stop, brake, direction and speed.

IFC-MD15A comes with:

  • 1 x industrial grade PCB with all components soldered properly.
  • 7 x mini jumper
  • 3 x Female connector for terminal port
  • 8 x Iron pin

Dimension:11.1cm x 6.9cm

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