IFC - Brushless Motor Card

IFC - Brushless Motor Card

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Description: Brushless motor is becoming famous among robot controller builder because of its high efficiency and low maintenance cost. IFC series offer brushless motor card which compatible with Oriental brushless and LINIX brushless motor. Each card is capable of controlling 2 brushless motor. Control of speed, direction, start, stop and brake will not be an issue for this card. It even has counter for internal speed feedback from the motor driver. Power source is selectable from internal or external. Software library even comes with interrupt function with encoder reading.


  • 6 set of 1x 3 headers to set communication address.
  • Compatible for Vexta and LINIX brushless motor
  • 2 motor port (Power and Control)
  • Selectable power source (Internal or External)
  • Motor power status LED.
  • Circuit power and busy LED.
  • Test button for fast function testing.
  • Capable of controlling brushless motor for Start, Stop, Brake, Direction and Speed.
  • 5V operation.

IFC-BL02 comes with:

  • 1 x Industrial grade PCB with all components soldered properly.
  • 8 x Mini jumper
  • 5 x Female connector terminal port.
  • 31 x Iron Pin

Dimension:11.1cm x 6.9cm

*New firmware has been upgraded for IFC-BL02 on March 2010. Additional library functions were added and please download the latest Libray Functions.pdf for more detail. For those who are interested to upgrade existing BL02 board, you are welcome to ship it back and we will upgrade the firmware for free.

Please take note that both iic_bl.o and iic_bl.h are also upgraded.


will this controller is used for my segway bldc motor

link for that motor

( Navaneeth, 03/10/2018 )
Hi, sorry this is the discontinued item. 

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