LCD (16x2) Yellow Backlight

LCD (16x2) Yellow Backlight

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This is a basic text-based 16 characters by 2 lines LCD with white character on blue backlight. It utilizes the extremely common HD44780 parallel interface chipset.

Arduino IDE already has the LiquidCrystal library built-in. The examples given are using 6 digital pins only to control the LCD. Arduino official website also provides a very good tutorial to help you get started. You can connect this 16x2 LCD to an Arduino Uno as shown below.

LCD Arduino Circuit
Photo Credit: Arduino (


  • 16 x 2 characters LCD
  • Blue backlight white character
  • Built in controller (HD44780 or equivalent)


  • 80.3 x 36.1 x 11.0 mm


Packing List:

  • 1x LCD (16x2) Yellow Backlight
My 16x2 display is having a problem where the black dot are covering the words and result in unclear screen or image, can i know what is this problem and how can i solved this? ( Tinson, 14/01/2020 )
Hi, you may drop an email to for technical support. Thanks :)
hai, I have 2 question
1. Is this lcd compatible with Raspberry PI 3 Model B
2. What the difference the model and Serial LCD (2x16) because this lcd price is Rm 65
( Mohamad Muslim, 01/05/2019 )

Hi, for Raspberry Pi and serial LCD you may consider this I2C 1602 Serial LCD for Arduino & RPI

The difference between this and Serial LCD is it is serial. You may refer to the description for more info.

( VOON, 25/06/2018 )
Hi, thanks for your interest in our product. For delivery info, you may refer to this link. Thanks
Where is the sample source code for this LCD?
Last time, it was here.
( Mohd, 06/12/2017 )
Hi, you can click on the link provided to interface with PIC microcontroller. For Arduino, you can search on Google, we believe there have tons of example for this application. For further questions, please visit to our technical forum as this session is only for short inquiry related to the product. Thanks.
is this LCD running on 3.3V or 5V? ( Bash, 03/05/2017 )
Hi, this LCD running 5V :)
Is this compatible with NXP FDRMKL-25Z development board? ( Phalvin, 31/12/2016 )
Not answered yet.
hi is this i2c lcd? ( nad, 31/10/2016 )

Hi sorry. This is not I2C LCD.



Hi, Is this compatible with SK40C Thanks ( Nelson, 14/04/2015 )

Yes, you can use it with SK40C.

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