LCD (20x4)

LCD (20x4)

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  • Product Code: DS-LCD-204A
  • 20 x 4 characters LCD display
  • 8 bit parallel data line
  • Yellow backlight

Please refer to User's Manual under "Useful Document" Tab.

May I know if this LCD need i2c to function? ( Aminah Yusof , 05/03/2020 )
Hi, you do not require i2c to function as it is a parallel LCD. Thanks :)
I cant get the Lcd to display the normal characters that it once showed. Is there a chance that the LCD might be spoilt? Or is there some kind of setting for this problem? Your help/suggestion/recommendation would be highly appreciated. ( Zubaidah Bahrin, 25/09/2019 )
Hi! You may email to for further assistance :)
Hello. I’ve bought this product and I’m using it for our FYP. I’ve followed the wiring connections based on the datesheet and simulated the circuit on Proteus. The simulation works fine however when it comes to real wiring, the lcd did show the characters that I desired based on my programming at first but after awhile, random characters start showing on the lcd display. We are using PIC16F887 and MikroC for the programming. When I first tested the programming examples from MikroC library for lcd, the characters were showing and it was perfect. The second I uploaded my programming the random characters start showing. I suspected that it was my programming at first but then I tried again the simple example programming but from here the random characters never stop showing. ( Zubaidah Bahrin, 25/09/2019 )
Hi! You may e-mail to for further assistance :)
Hi. May i know whether this item has this specs? Weight: 73g Board size:98 x 60mm Model: IMI20424018 Compatible with PIC and Arduino Microcontroller. I would to supply it to our customer. Thank you. ( nor aisamuddin, 09/11/2015 )

Hi, Sorry this item does not fulfill the specifications that you have stated but it is compatible with PIC and Arduino microcontroller. Thanks. :)

i've buy this product from you. it does not compatible with my coding. can i have the coding or program of this product (20x4). i really need it as soon as possible. currently doing my final year project. please help me cytron. ( zahid, 22/05/2015 )

The program is compatible with standard 2x16 LCD. Can you share more information with us in technical forum where you can post photo of the wiring, source code and more.

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