Light Sensor Module

Light Sensor Module

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* New batch comes without analog pin.

The Light sensor module come with the basic components for light detection. Supplying power and it is good to be use. Use it to detect the light brightness in your environment and decide to switch OFF or ON light? Or maybe to adjust the brightness of LED for your house? It comes with digital and analog output. You can adjust the threshold (sensitivity) of digital output by tuning the on board varible resistor (potentiometer). Simple usage as it is digital output, so you will know is the light is preseted and decide what to do with it. Check the schematic for more details.
Comes with a M3 mounting hole for ease of attaching it to any object. On board it provide a LDR, high sensitivity and commonly being used for light detection. The module comes with power LED and status LED as indicator.
It can be interfaced with any microcontroller with digital input such as PIC, SK40C, SK28A, SKds40A, Arduino series for light brightness detection. Also, not to forget, interface with Relay module offer light switch :)
* Comes with female to female jumper wire


Light sensor video

This video shows the basic operation of using Light sensor module. Visit tutorial page for more details: Product page:

  • Operating voltage: 3.3 to 5VDC
  • PIN assignment:
    • VCC = 5V,
    • GND = 0V,
    • DO = digital output from module,
    • AO = Analog output from module
Why the new batch comes without analog pin? ( Siti Nur Atiqah, 14/03/2018 )
Hi, for the new batch,we get the item without analog pin from the supplier. 
how to interface it with raspberry pi. any sample code ?
( abdul rani abdul razak, 19/11/2017 )
Hi, for further questions, please visit to our technical forum for similar question or post your question there, as this session is only for short inquiry. Thanks.

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