Logic Level Converter - 4 Channels Bi-directional

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Tried connecting a 3.3V device to a 5V system, or the other way around? You should know the challenge it take. This Logic Converter will help you out esily. Small size yet it convert 5V signals to 3.3V and vice versa effectively and in high speed. This converter also works with 2.8V and 1.8V devices. Each level converter has the capability of converting 4 pins on the high side to 4 pins on the low side. 4 channels for each site.
Another good feature is this converter is Breadboard friendly! Can be used with normal serial, I2C, SPI, and any other digital signal. Does not work with an analog signal.
The level converter is very easy to use. The board needs to be powered from the two voltages sources (high voltage and low voltage) that your system is using. High voltage (5V for example) to the 'HV' pin, low voltage (2.8V for example) to 'LV', and ground from the system to the 'GND' pin.

Pins are labeled as Receiver and Transmitter:

These labels are relative to the board. Example:

3.3V  GPS module                   LC04A                          5V Microcontroller System
3.3V Tx pin                         LT1 ----------  HT1               5V Rx pin
3.3V Rx pin                        LR1 ---------- HR1               5V Tx pin

Don't forget the '+' for 3.3V and 5V, also the ground for both site.

A digital logic 1 (high) going into the LT1 pin on the 3.3V side will show up on the HT1pin on the 5V side as 5V. This LC04A is bidirectional, it can be use for I2C communication line too.

The LC04A board comes with two 6 ways header pin, not soldered to provide you the flexibility to use it.

Dimension:15mm x 16mm



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