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Ever wanted to explore Python for microcontrollers with Uno but faced compatibility issues with MicroPython or CircuitPython due to the limited RAM and flash space of the MCU IC? Have you ever wished for a board that not only supports Python programming but also retains the user-friendly nature of the Uno form factor?

Look no further - 

Introducing the Maker Uno RP2040, a revolutionary development board that combines the beloved Uno form factor with the powerful dual-core Arm Cortex-M0+ processor chip, the Raspberry Pi® RP2040. Thanks to its large flash memory, programming with Circuitpython or Micropython is made possible. Packed with Maker Series goodness and enhanced features, this board is designed to elevate both your innovative projects and educational pursuits.



Your trusted board; now turbocharged!

Why RP2040? - The RP2040 is a dual core Arm Cortex M0+ powerful chip that offers exceptional performance and flexibility. With a clock speed of up to 133MHz, built-in 264KB of RAM, and support for up to 16MB of external flash memory, this board enables complex operation, making it well-suited for a variety of applications. Not only that, it comes two I2C controllers, two SPI controllers, and two UARTs, 16 PWM channels that you can use across the GPIOs. Additionally, it supports a wide range of development environments, including CircuitPython, MicroPython, and Arduino IDE, making it accessible to beginners and advanced users alike.



With the Maker Uno RP2040, we bring the power of the RP2040 chip into the familiar Uno form factor. We maintain the user-friendly nature and plug-and-play features that have contributed to the popularity of the Arduino platform, all while utilizing the advanced capabilities of the RP2040 to boost its performance. Not only that, we also inject this board with Maker series features together with other useful features to enhance learning experience and spark your creativity.



Simplify Learning with Maker Series Features

Experience the handy Maker series goodness that comes with the Maker Uno RP2040, aimed to simplify digital making. Equipped with lots of onboard LEDs for troubleshooting and visual effects, as well as ready-to-use onboard programmable piezo buzzer and push buttons for kickstarting your project and learning process.



Plug-and-Play Simplicity; Rapid Prototyping and Smooth Learning

Skip the hassle of complicated wiring and intricate setup with Maker Uno RP2040’s dedicated Grove and Maker ports! In addition to the ever-trusted female Uno Header, we provide Grove and Maker ports for quick connections without the need for soldering and offering foolproof protection against misconnections. Wait, you don't have any Grove module sensors? Don't worry! We also provide 4x female-to-Grove cables to ensure that you can connect your generic module to the Grove port effortlessly.



Seamless Servo Integration

Effortlessly connect up to 4 servo motors simultaneously with our board's dedicated servo port! Quickly integrate your servo motors without the hassle of using extra messy jumpers and worrying about power supply. Please note that the voltage for the servos depends on the power source connected at the time.




Power On the Go; LiPo/Li-ion Battery or USB-C

The board offers two power supply options - USB(5V) via the USB-C socket or with a single-cell LiPo/Li-Ion battery via the LiPo connector. This dual powering method also comes with automatic power selection, offering flexibility for various applications. Whether it's a portable project or stationary project, this board is the go-to choice! Not only that, there is also a built-in charging circuit with overcharge and over-discharge protection circuit to charge the LiPo battery, providing a convenient and all-in-one solution for power management in your projects. 




Explore, Learn, and Innovate with Diverse Coding Platforms

Elevate your coding skills with Maker Uno RP2040 as it supports Arduino IDE, CircuitPython, and MicroPython. Whether you're a seasoned developer or just starting, this versatile microcontroller invites you to explore, learn, and innovate with ease. 




Warranty Period: 12 months

What's on the board?

  • Arduino/Maker Uno form factor

  • Powered by Raspberry Pi RP2040

    • Dual-core Arm Cortex-M0+ processor

    • 264 KB internal RAM

  • 2MB Flash memory

  • Single-cell LiPo connector with built-in overcharge/over-discharge protection circuit, rechargeable via USB.

  • 6x Grove Ports (Digital I/O, PWM Output, UART, I2C, Analog Input)

  • 1x Maker Ports, compatible with Qwiic, STEMMA QT and Grove (via conversion cable)

  • 4x Servo Ports

  • 16x Status indicator LEDs for GPIOs

  • 1x Piezo buzzer with mute switch

  • 1x User Programmable Push button

  • 1x Reset Button

  • 1x Boot Button

  • 2x RGB LEDs (WS2812)

  • Support Arduino IDE, CircuitPython, Micropython


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